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The Shelf (standard:science fiction, 678 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: May 24 2009Views/Reads: 1576/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Eddie was in for a big surprise.

The Shelf By Michael Lance Kersting Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Not
rated by the Author. Eddie was in for a shocking surprise 

The spacecraft landed quietly behind the red Barn on Eddie Conner's
farm. Overhead, the stars twinkled like little diamonds against the 
black back drop of the night sky. Eddie was awakened by the ferocious 
barking of his dogs, which indicated that there were intruders. Getting 
out of bed, he grabbed the shotgun which stood next to the bed and made 
his way across the dusty floor to the bedroom's window. He peered out 
then gasped at the sight that stood before him. - - About fifty feet 
away, stood shimmering in the darkness, was the space ship. Portholes 
were all around the rim of the ship Pulsating green lights and movement 
were coming from within., 

Eddie stood transfixed at the sight. Suddenly , unexpectedly, a panel in
the side of the ship slowly began opening and a pair of hideous looking 
creatures came out carrying what looked like weapons in their hands. 
They were about six feet tall with huge heads and big glowing orange 
eyes and dressed in a metallic like outfits. 

Panic gripped Eddie's mind as he saw them stop and looked then slowly
deliberately headed towards his farmhouse. 

Eddie, now confused quickly debated whether to confront them or hide,
but their hideous hostile looking appearances daunted him, so quickly, 
he dashed into the living room and lifted a carpet which covered a 

Hurriedly, heart pounding in his chest, he lifted the lid and careful to
replace it he descended the few steps into the darkness of the cellar 
Crouching down against the cold wall and gripping his shotgun tightly. 
He took in a deep breath and waited . Sweat ran down his neck and he 
felt nauseated and began trembling from sheer fear. 

Shortly after he heard loud crashes and heavy footsteps moving about
above. A loud squeaking sound can also be heard. Eddie's heart now 
pounded in his chest and he could now hear the beats sounding in his 
ears . After what seems like eternity, the noise above ceased. 

Eddie, drenched in sweat and trembling like a leaf, waited another ten
minutes before he plucked the courage to go up and check. 

Cautiously, he climb up the steps and pushed opened the lid above about
an inch. And peered into the darkness .The place was in shambles, 
upturned furniture were scattered everywhere. After looking around the 
room carefully, he finally decided to get out. 

Taking a deep breath, he climbed out and stood looking around, when
suddenly, unbelievingly, he saw two creatures emerged from the darkness 
and grabbed him tightly around his arms. He began to struggle furiously 
against their iron grip.The rifle fell from his hand. 

“No !, No!.” He screamed hysterically. 

They led his struggling figure out of the house towards the ship
sqeaking to each other. 

Just then, his pair of dogs, Bullet and Rex, upon seeing their master's
predicament rushed at the aliens . 

“Get Back!” Eddie screamed at them.” Get back!” but it was too late, one
of the creatures turned drew his weapon and blasted them away. There 
were loud yelps as they vanished into thin air. 

Eddie then lost consciousness. 

Shortly after, regaining consciousness, he found himself lying naked on
a cold slab in a lily white chamber. Bright lights were everywhere and 
about four of the creatures were leaning over him curiously . A cold 
shiver of dread ran through him as he tried to move, but found that he 
was paralysed, It seems that only his eyes were active and he began 
looking around wildly. He noticed that two of the creatures held 
gleaming instruments in their hands and they seem to be whispering 
among themselves. 

It was then his roving eyes fell upon the shelf in a far corner of the
room and a piercing scream burst from his lips . 

For there on the shelf, encased in large glass like jars, were an
assortment of human body parts !. 


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