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The Feather Pillow (standard:fairy tales, 738 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jun 05 2009Views/Reads: 2483/1383Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The bond of friendship comes from the heart and soul of you. The feather pillow is a metaphor for gossip. The truth will prevail

Once upon a time, there were two friends. 

They shared everything together. The sunshine, the raindrops, 

smiles, tears, giggles, and play. They would race up and down 

the mountain and climb tall trees overlooking the shimmering 

lakes below. 

Words were spoken easily and trust was understood. One knew 

the other's thoughts before they were even spoken. There was 

a close bond. 

One day, a group of new young people arrived at the village.  They 

had fine clothes and spoke about far away places. The two 

friends did not pay much attention to the new young people 

because they had one another.  Until one day, the group 

approached one of the two and spoke in secret. 

"Come over here", one whispered. "Why do you want to spend all 

of your time with that person? We have travelled all over the world! 

Look how we dress! Are you not curious about the world? Do you 

really want to stay in this small corner of the world your whole life?" 

This made the one friend wonder about the other. 

One never notices the whole world until the challenge 

to look beyond yourself arrives. For each day that the two 

friends races up and down the mountaintop during the next 

few days, one of the friends became less and less enchanted 

with the other's company. 

Each day, the one friend was approached by the group of 

new comers and given a new piece of information about his 

friend. Being naive, the friend trusted the newcomers word. Not 

to ask why or how come, but just to take the word over the deed. 

And each day the words got meaner and meaner. The truth 

was twisted into a vicious lie. Until the one friend could 

stand it no longer. And shouted 

"Stop! How can this be true ? How do you know? ", the friend 

challenged the group. 

"We are better than you because we have been to more places! 

Look how we are dressed and the money in our pockets!  You 

are simple minded. Come join us and you will be better than your 


"No, I will not join you!! You are not better than my friend. My friend 

has stood by me when I was sick and well. My friend does not 

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