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A Nice Safe Neighborhood (standard:other, 510 words)
Author: cat1Added: Jun 17 2009Views/Reads: 1896/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Constance takes a walk at night and finds out too late that a nice safe neighborhood may not be as safe as you think. The man she had been seeing had a dangerous job and he decided that taking her with him would be a liability. So he leaves her behind.

It was a little late to be taking a walk, but Constance was not worried.
This was a nice safe neighborhood and nothing really bad ever happened 
here. Oh, there were some robberies a while back but that just turned 
out to be some young boys trying to out dare each other. The sheriff 
took care of it. As Constance walked along, she looked up at the sky 
and marveled at how many stars were visible. She enjoyed the soft 
summer breeze and all of the night sounds. Daytime was so different 
with all of the traffic and the neighbors going in and out. That was 
why she liked to walk at night and living in a safe neighborhood made 
that possible. Of course, she was not stupid. She knew that even here 
things could happen. That was why she always stayed alert and aware of 
her surroundings. 

When Constant came to the bluff below her house, she stopped to look
around.  She knew that she should have been heading home by now, but 
the moon was shining so brightly she just could not resist. As she 
stood there, her thoughts turned to the next day and all of its 
activities. It was going to be a busy day, but one that she would 
enjoy. After awhile, Constance became lost in her thoughts. That was 
probably why she did not hear the man coming up behind her until it was 
too late. With one hard shove, Constance fell into the bluff below 
breaking her neck. 

The man then turned and quickly walked away. If her scream was heard,
someone might come to see what happened. Odds were though they would 
not find her body until the next day. He doubted that anyone would 
suspect a thing about her death. Her neighbors knew that Constance 
liked to take a walk to the bluff almost every night and there would be 
no way to tell that she had been pushed. It would just look like she 
had lost her footing and fell. No one would suspect murder. After all, 
this was a nice safe neighborhood. She had told him that often when she 
met him in town. 

He had really enjoyed her company. Nevertheless, he had a new assignment
and so it was time to move on. He knew she would have wanted to go with 
him when he left and that he would have been tempted to take her. 
However, eventually she would have found out what he did for a living 
and he did not think that she would have responded well to that. 
Besides, having someone around that you cared for could be a liability 
in his line of business. He just did not want to take the chance. 
Moreover, it would not have been fair to put her life at risk. Which 
would happen if anyone ever found out who he was. No, it was much 
better this way. Leaving her behind was best. Still she was right. This 
was a nice safe neighborhood. Even for an assassin 


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