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Grandchildren (standard:humor, 326 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Jun 19 2009Views/Reads: 2800/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story tells what grandchildren are like,and how grandparents enjoy them.

Grandchildren are the little people who come along after the trials and
tribulations of raising our own children. They can come at any time. 
Sometimes we my not be ready to become grandparents just yet, but when 
we hear one of our children say, “ Mom we're going to have a baby”.. It 
is at this time we don't give not being ready to be grandparents just 
yet, another thought ever again. 

We know the first time we look into those little faces searching for the
likeness of the family, that this little person will be a part of our 
lives forever. When we hold them close for the first time we can feel 
the love. We know they are here for us to love and enjoy. We don't have 
to go through the arguing and the discipline that went along with 
raising our children. We can sit back and relax during this new 
adventure. We can set on the floor and play or act goofy and not worry 
about causing the little ones embarrassment. These things we never had 
time to do with our children, we were always busy cooking and cleaning. 

From the time they look at us with though big bright smiling eyes, we
are in love with these little ones called grandchildren. We may have a 
large assortment of names like granny, mamaw, nana, and nanny, paw paw, 
grandpa, grandma and a few more. 

When they are tired and mommy is busy those little eyes will look at
grandma to be held close to her body while sometimes napping for hours. 
There is so much unconditional love given to us grandparents from our 
grandchildren. They don't care what we look like we can be fat, skinny, 
pretty or ugly. They love us just the way we are. 

There is nothing more adoring then that happy smile with rosy cheeks on
a little face with two tiny white teeth showing and hearing, “ hi 


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