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Castle In The Clouds, Chapters nine and ten (standard:drama, 5083 words) [5/21] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Jul 13 2009Views/Reads: 1352/925Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Serialisation of my story set on an island off of the Northumberland coast. A prominent banker purchases a castle and finds himself a captive of his dreams.

Chapter Nine 

Llewellyn clambered into the trap and stretched out his legs. 'Spot on
Hambleton, ten o'clock precisely; damned inconvenience yesterday I say, 
the wind bringing a tree down on the line like that.' He slapped a hand 
on the trap's side, 'So how are things at the castle  is Miss Day 
nicely settled in?' 

Hambleton brushed a finger across his lip, taking the reins with his
free hand. 'She arrived on time sir.' 

'I see, fine, just fine.' Llewellyn tweaked his moustache, gave his
butler a lengthy glance, 'You seem unusually reticent, Hambleton, is 
something the matter?' 

'It may be nothing sir.' 

'It is plainly something if it is causing you disquiet.' Llewellyn
settled back in the trap, folded his arms. 'Is my sister proving 

'Miss Llewellyn is at best, difficult sir.' Hambleton drew breath,
sighed, 'She appears to have developed an unusual relationship with 

Llewellyn let out a high pitched laugh, at variance to his speaking
voice. 'Relationship, Hambleton  oh come now.' 

Hambleton shook his head, concentrated while he guided the pony out of
Berwick into open countryside. 'I am not suggesting it is in any way 
physical you understand. However she has taken to giving him daily 
inspections as to his cleanliness -' 

'That is not at all strange, she has the notion that he is untidy  I do
not hold with it but -' 

'Forgive me for interrupting sir, but there is more  she has taken to
finding him odd jobs within the castle -' 

'That is another of his duties -' 

'They seem almost entirely to be within her private quarters, sir.'
Hambleton fell silent, allowed his words to sink in. 

Llewellyn took a deep breath of warm summer air and shrugged. 'Oh I am
certain there is a simple explanation for that; my sister has a 
loathing for Gibbings which is quite beyond my comprehension. In fact 
it quite unsettled Miss Day on the last occasion. I had to go out of my 
way to rebuke her less she dismiss him. The castle is centuries old, 
Dorothea has a knack of finding faults, that is the explanation.' 

'There is more sir.' 

A twitch of amusement showed itself in Llewellyn's cheek. 'You are of an
unsettled frame of mind this morning, what is it?' 

'That I cannot say sir, Miss Llewellyn has a boisterous nature and that
may be all, however Miss Day also displays an interest in Gibbings.' 

The smile was back on Llewellyn's face. 'That is understandable
Hambleton, he did after all save her life, she therefore worries for 
his welfare. It is nothing more than that.' 

Onto the causeway and around the bend the castle came into sight, high
on its rock. 'Ah,' Llewellyn gasped, 'what a welcoming sight that is, 

'Yes sir.' But Hambleton's features were grim. * 

'If you're looking for your guest, you're too late  she's out.'
Dorothea turned her attention from the dining room window, where she'd 
been watching Gibbings gardening, and regarded Llewellyn through 
narrowed eyes. 

'That's her choice, she's here as a guest after all.' Llewellyn

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