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Call Me Father (standard:fantasy, 742 words)
Author: Allen, KiraAdded: Jul 26 2009Views/Reads: 1816/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Written for a 24 hour short story contest, interesting things happen at a carnival.

The carnival had just begun. Raeanne had finished her cotton candy and
was licking her sticky fingertips as she felt a drop of water on her 
brunette hair. She looked up, noticing the dark storm clouds filling 
the sky above the carnival. She jogged towards a red and white striped 
tent, wanting to get out of the rain. Lightning struck one of the tents 
and a flood of people fled the collapsing tent, all running. Except for 
the old, psychic woman, wearing too much makeup and too many rings, 
carrying a crystal ball. She walked, slower than most people would 
while being exhausted. But she didn't look exhausted one bit. She 
looked scared, and furious. As the psychic walked towards Raeanne, her 
eyes went from a peaceful blue to blank white. Raeanne felt stunned and 
couldn't move. She trembled from head to toe. The psychic halted, then 
slowly raised her arm and pointed a ring encrusted finger at Raeanne. 

“You!” the psychic hissed. Raeanne backed up slightly. She didn't dare
run from her though. Raeanne was now soaked from the rain. A bolt of 
lightning hit between Raeanne and the psychic, momentarily blinding 
Raeanne. When she opened her eyes again, the psychic woman was less 
than a foot away. She grabbed Raeanne's shoulders, her long nails 
digging into Raeanne's back. The psychic shook Raeanne and shoved her 
to the ground. Raeanne was speechless and could not breathe. She 
propped herself up with her arm and starred at the psychic, who was 
standing over her, hissing quietly. 

“It's you, Raeanne. Raeanne Maria Benson. You are the one!” 

“What am I?” Raeanne asked, barely able to pronounce the words. She
still couldn't breathe right. “You are the one. The one with the 
ability to end the world. You control everything and everyone. But 
guess what?” the psychic hissed, “I have the power to end you.” The 
corners of the psychic's mouth turned up as she snickered evilly. 

“What's your name?” Raeanne asked the psychic. 

“Demetria.” The psychic replied. 

“Well then, Demetria,” Raeanne started, as she stood up and walked
around her, “If it is I who controls everything and everyone, then 
doesn't that mean that I control you? So you can't end me.” Raeanne 
said fiercely. 

“But see little girl, that's where you are wrong.” Demetria said, making
Raeanne look puzzled and become confused. “Little girl, you control 
everything and everyone. Except for me. I control you. Here, let me 
show you.” 

By then a large crowd of people had formed a circle around Raeanne and
Demetria. Demetria signaled Raeanne to come closer with a long bony 
finger. Raeanne walked up to her, keeping at least three feet away from 
the evil looking woman. She took her crystal ball out of her pocket and 
held it towards the young girl. Raeanne grasped the heavy crystal and 
tried to decipher the cloudy image within. As it became clearer, she 
could recognize herself as well as Demetria in the crystal. Raeanne was 
in mid air, being attacked by the crazy psychic. The small girl 
stumbled back, allowing the heavy crystal to slip from her grasp and 
shatter on the hard, wet pavement beneath her. Her eyes were wide in 
fear. Demetria raised her arm slowly, and Raeanne flew into the air. 
She squirmed but couldn't get down. Demetria rose into the air, pulling 
daggers from her skirt pocket, one in each hand. She threw them at 
Raeanne, but they stopped less than a foot away from the child and 
dropped to the ground. Demetria and Raeanne also fell from mid air to 
the ground, puzzled. The rain stopped and a creature, half man, half 
bird, swooped down to Demetria. 

“Demetria, I thought I told you not to go after the girl!” 

“I can do whatever I feel, Father!” hissed Demetria. Demetria's father
grabbed hold of the old woman's shoulders and breathed in deeply. 
Demetria shook frantically and fell to the ground as he let go. 

“What did you do?” asked Raeanne. 

“I removed her powers. You know longer have anything to worry about,
sweet girl.” Demetria's father replied calmly. 

“Th-thank you, s-sir.” Raeanne stuttered. 

“Call me Father.” The creature said kindly. He pushed off the ground and
flew out of sight. Raeanne stood there, frozen in shock. Demetria stood 
up, her eyes back to a peaceful blue. She walked up to Raeanne, and 
said in a sweet, high-pitched voice, “Hello, young girl. I'm Demetria, 
you are?” 


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