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On The Run (standard:fantasy, 10894 words)
Author: Rattan MannAdded: Aug 19 2009Views/Reads: 1974/1327Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I think the imagination in the story will become reality within 100 years

On The Run 

(A Short Story) 

Rattan Mann 

( ) 

Prof.Dr. Rattan Mann, the head of the Psychiatry ward, Ulleval Hospital,
Oslo, was on the run from the whole world. 

Prof.Dr.Mann was on the run from the British MI5.  Long ago the MI5 had
spread a sinister rumour that he kissed a minor in an inappropriate and 
suspicious manner and forced the state attorney to press legal charges 
against him.  The case collapsed on the very first day when tiny 
Rashmi, the nine year old alleged victim, declared in a packed court, 

"My honour, all this is an ado about nothing, a tempest in a teacup, a
conspiracy to put behind bars an innocent man.  It was a very harmless 
kiss, the way a father gives a daughter before leaving for office.  No 
violence or terror or national security issue of any sort was 

The wisdom and sincerity in the little girl's voice moved the old judge
to tears. He threw the case out of the court without further ado, and 
warned the MI5 not to indulge in conspiracies in name of national 

A tiny girl, at whom every child's uncle, Prof.Dr. Mann, had indeed
blown a kiss in the subway; and an old judge who happened to be there 
by chance and so knew the truth, the whole truth, and nothing else but 
the truth, had made him an instant celebrity. 

Everybody was happy at this favourable turn of events except
Prof.Dr.Mann himself, because he was the only guy in town who fully 
understood the true consequences of this historic judgement. 

Even before he stepped out of the court to meet the mad media, he was
convinced that both he and the noble judge were in mortal danger from 
MI5 - MI5 will not take the defeat lying down.  In 

fact, the MI5 knew years in advance that they would be defeated in court
and had already laid plans to eliminate both him and the judge by other 

Instead of meeting the press and basking in fame and glory, Prof.Dr.Mann
escaped from a backdoor and rushed to the nearest post-office.  There 
and then he dashed a long and rambling letter to the judge warning him 
of the danger he was in.  Furthermore, he suggested to the judge that 
they both go underground simultaneously, and   resurface in the Amazon 
rain forest after about two months.  There they can form a United Front 
against MI5. 

In the coming weeks and months he wrote dozens of such letters to the
judge.  Unfortunately, the judge never responded. 

Having given up on the judge as a gone case, Prof.Dr. Mann decided to
save his own skin before it was too late.  One cold, dark, and rainy 
night he escaped from England and took refuge in Norway. 

And ever since then Prof.Dr.Mann was on the run from the British MI5. 

Prof.Dr. Mann was also on the run from the US Homeland Security. 

Even after staying in Norway for years and becoming a Norwegian citizen
he never felt safe there because Norway was infested with MI5 agents 
who were still looking for him everywhere in the European Union.  To 
checkmate them he decided to immigrate to the United States where he 
would be in a better position to counter-balance their evil intentions. 
 As he was highly qualified, he got his immigration visa almost 
immediately.  The real problem was to escape from Norway.  He couldn't 
risk going to the airport because it was teeming with secret agents who 
would go to any length to prevent him from escaping this time.  The 
only viable means of transport  was the food-container of  a cargo ship 

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