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Pumpkin (standard:humor, 630 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Sep 09 2009Views/Reads: 1982/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story is about a small kitten that was found walking along the road in the rain. It tells who found her and where she ended up living out her life.

PUMPKIN Word count 624 

Pumpkin came into our lives about eighteen-years-ago when my eight- year
old daughter Julie brought home a small yellow and orange kitten with 
the prettiest eyes I had ever seen.  A friend of Julie's found the 
kitten walking along the road in the rain She was the color of a 
Halloween pumpkin, so we named her pumpkin. 

For some reason, we never knew why, Pumpkin would always stay with me
instead of Julie. She slept on the pillow beside my head every night 
and would always lie beside me on the couch. 

She was always a very active kitten, since she was an outside cat we
always let her go out and explore. She would sometimes be gone for a 
couple of days. Julie and I always wondered where she would go on her 
trips. Once Pumpkin didn't come home for five days we were so worried. 
Julie would go around the trailer park where we lived at the time and 
put signs on all the mailboxes with Pumpkin's description asking if 
anyone had seen her. One morning I was still in bed when I heard Julie 
cry out excited and happy  “mom!! Pumpkin came back”. We were so happy 
to see her. We thought she may have wondered into some one's utility 
shed and had got locked in by mistake. 

As the years passed I noticed a lot of the sparkle had left Pumpkin
beautiful eyes, but she was always there as my sole comfort when I 
needed company. 

My daughter Julie would eventually get married and move three hundred
-miles away to another state. I went to visit Julie often, so I asked 
my mom to take care of Pumpkin until I returned. Pumpkin didn't like 
that set-up at all. My mom also had a female cat and that didn't help 
the situation. 

I would always stay with Julie and Rob her husband for a week. When I
returned from my trip Pumpkin decided to pay me back. She would go 
under the trailer and not come in for a couple of days it didn't matter 
how much we called and coaxed her she would not come out from under the 
trailer. If I got down to look under the trailer all I could see were 
two shiny eyes looking right at me.  Once when I returned from Julie's 
it was in the winter and the weather was extra cold. When Pumpkin 
didn't come it that evening I knew exactly where she was and I knew she 
wasn't coming in. When she did come in the next day I decided to make 
her an in side cat. Actually she adjusted quite well, but sometimes I 
would see her sniffing the doorframe as if to get a smell of the world 
she once knew. 

I would move a couple of times after I left the trailer park, and the
moving was sort of hard for Pumpkin, but she was always by my side. I 
took her for her yearly check-up when she was eighteen. I asked the 
veterinarian how long he thought she would live. He replied “ well 
she's pushing it now”. 

About six months later she stopped taking fluids. I knew it wouldn't be
long and I had already made my plans to let her die at home with me. 
One day as I left for work she didn't raise her head and look at me as 
she always did. when I returned from work she  had died. I sat on my 
bed and cried for my best friend. I decided to bury pumpkin beside the 
house between two large peony bushes and when they bloom in the spring 
they will remind me of Pumpkin a cat that gave so much love and joy. 


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