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Great grandma's Hat (standard:humor, 577 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Nov 03 2009Views/Reads: 2202/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story of an elderly grandmother who meets her new- born great grandson for the first time and the love they show each other.

Great Grandma's Hat 

Word count 578 

The hat my mom wore during the winter months was a light beige color and
it was made of a soft knit material. I never knew where she bought the 
hat, but it was so soft and warm for the weather in our home state of 
Maryland, and she looked so cute while wearing it. 

When I decided to move to Huston Texas to be with my daughter who was
expecting her second child, and since mom lived with me I would be 
taking her along to Huston. I knew she wouldn't have any need for the 
hat while living in the hot climate of Texas, so I packed the hat away 
knowing we would all be returning to Maryland eventually. 

A couple of weeks after we arrived in Texas my daughter gave birth to a
little boy, his name would be Job Anthony. As I held the baby down for 
mom to see she smiled so lovingly at him. Mom only had one-boy with us 
six girls and we all knew he was her favorite child. 

As Job became more aware of things around him he would keep his eyes on
mom, especially when she was eating. His Mother's milk didn't seem to 
satisfy him when he was small and I think he wanted more to eat. When 
Job could hold his head up he would constantly watch mom from a 
distance, but he didn't want to get too close yet. As autumn turned to 
winter Job was getting stronger. He   was crawling now, and getting 
more courage to move closer to mom. One day he was sitting on the floor 
by her recliner, when I saw him reach out and with his little hand 
touch her on the leg. From that day on he would crawl over to her and 
try to pull himself up. Since Job was getting bigger mom couldn't lift 
him, so I would sit him on her lap they would smile at each other and 
mom would tell him what a handsome boy he was. 

When Job started using a walker my living room would be congested at
times since mom used a walker too.  Job would always be in front of mom 
when she was going to the bathroom. Mom would always laugh and say,  
Come on Job move your Cadillac. I could tell by the way they looked at 
each other there was a special love between them that we didn't 

When Job was almost a year old we moved back to Maryland. Mom's health
wasn't good she was going on eighty-two years old.  She passed away two 
weeks after we returned. Mom's funeral was on the day little Job would 
turn one year old. When my daughter walked up to view mom little Job 
reached out to her, not knowing it would be the last time he would see 

Later on as I was going through mom's things I came across her hat. I
thought I would wash it and wear it myself. When I took the hat out of 
the dryer it had shrunk. I told my daughter I couldn't wear it now. My 
daughter Michelle said give it to me Job could wear it. My daughter put 
it on him and it was a perfect fit on his little head. If mom had 
wanted any one to wear her hat it would have been her special little 


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