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The Whitechapel Horror (standard:drama, 2269 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Nov 25 2009Views/Reads: 1821/1256Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My version of the "Jack the Ripper"mystery.


Jack the Ripper is the name that has been given to an unidentified
serial killer responsible for murders occurring in the impoverished 
Whitechapel section of London in 1888. "Jack the Ripper" became the 
first internationally known serial killer. The name Jack the Ripper 
comes from the signature of a letter, dated 25 September, 1888, and 
received by the Central News Agency on 27 September, 1888. 

There were 11 murders of prostitutes in the Whitechapel area from 1888
to 1891, known as the Whitechapel Murders. Five of these are commonly 
identified as the Jack the Ripper murders. Those of Mary Ann Nichols at 
Buck's Row, Whitechapel, on Friday 31 August 1888, Annie Chapman at 
Rear Yard at 29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields on Saturday 8 September 
1888, Elizabeth Stride at the yard at side of 40 Berner Street,  St 
Georges-in-the-East on Sunday 30 September 1888, Catherine Eddowes at 
Mitre Square, Aldgate, City of London on Sunday 30 September 1888 and 
Mary Jane Kelly at 13 Miller's Court,  26 Dorset Street Spitalfields on 
Friday 9 November 1888. 

All Jack the Ripper murders took place in a one square mile area of the
East End of London. (Miller's Court, Christ Church, London, November 

It was a cold, foggy November night. The street was almost deserted, but
for a few coachesl passing by occasionally. A tall, lone figure was 
walking hastily, his head bowed, His footfalls echoed on the 
cobblestones. The thick mist swirled around him as he made his way 
along the deserted street. “Feeling naughty tonight, Sir?”Asked a 
seductive, husky voice. coming from the shadows of an alleyway . It was 
addressed to the tall man who was passing by. From his bearing having a 
top hat and a long overcoat .The prostitute figured he was a “gentle 
man” possibly on his way home. The man stopped as she emerged from the 
alleyway. His face was shadowed by the brim of his hat. . She was a bit 
on the plump side in her twenties, wearing a fur collared, well worn 
brown frock that fell to her ankles. She had a small artificial dot on 
a side of her red, pouted lips and smelled of cheap liquor. The man 
sized her up quickly and asked in a well modulated voice “How much?” 
The prostitute smiled, showing a missing tooth, ‘For you, Sir, two 
Shillings!' she responded hopefully. “Slut!”He thought furiously. 
Recognizing her at last “Where shall we go?" He asked bluntly. “I have 
a little room at the back “she replied softly,” Follow me “ The man 
clutched the handle of the little black bag he carried firmly. 

The room was approximately 12 feet square. Opposite the door was a
fireplace. On the left of the door and at right angles to it were two 
windows, one of which was close enough to the door as to be able to 
reach through it and unbolt the door. To the right of the door was a 
bedside table so close that the door would hit it when opened. Next to 
the table was a bed with the head against the door wall, its side 
against the right wall. The room contained two tables and a chair and a 
cheap print entitled "The Fisherman's widow" hanging over the 
fireplace. Opposite the fireplace was a small cupboard which contained 
cheap crockery, empty ginger beer bottles and a little stale bread. 
“The money first, please” she requested politely. “Money? ah yes.” the 
man replied evenly. He set the bag down on the bed and turned his back 
to her as she began undressing. The man fumbled round a bit, then 
turned suddenly. He held a straight edged razor in his gloved hand. 
“You?' she cried, recognizing the man., she then froze with terror at 
the sight of the straight edge razor he held in his gloved hand. She 
tried to get away , but the man quickly grabbed her and with a deft 
stroke,slit her throat .He then threw her on the bed. 

"Slut! "He screamed as he began slashing at her face "You must die, slut
!," he raged," Die, like the rest of them!"and he went into a frenzy.. 
A few minutes later, his rage abated, he left and disappeared into the 
night. Later at half-past eleven o'clock that morning a man went to the 
room to collect rent and failing to gain any answer to his knocking, he 
looked through the window. It was then seen that the woman lay naked 
and bleeding on the bed frightfully mutilated .The mutilation was so 
dreadful she could only be identified by her red hair and her eyes ! 

In a small Inn on Whitechapel Road, a doctor entered the premises. The
owner, Sims, greeted him as he entered and asked pleasantly, “The 
usual, Doc," Walking across to his favourite table, he sat down The man 

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