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The job (standard:drama, 436 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Nov 27 2009Views/Reads: 1667/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Last week, while leisurely walking along Rizal St. in Laoag City, a car
screeched near me as the driver hollered my name. 

I looked closer at the driver and I recognized an old friend of mine –
actually, he was one of my closest buddies during my years in UP 

Upon his invitation, I gladly joined him in his car and we headed to the
heart of the city for a snack – his treat, of course. 

We ecstatically reminisced our days in AS 101, Narra Residence Hall, the
Sunken Garden, the Tambayans, the Gulod and even the famous or infamous 
Diliman Lagoon. 

Then, in the middle of our laughter, he abruptly digressed to the issues
of my life. 

In a brotherly tone, he asked, “How are you now? I heard that after
almost 20 years in media, you still don't have your own house, you 
still don't drive your own car, and you are still buried in debts. 

Like all truths, his questions hurt me. 

I simply answered, “Well, media profession is not really a pot of gold.
Actually, media is one of the most stressful yet most badly paid jobs 
in the world. ” 

“What do you mean not a pot of gold?” he suddenly grimaced. “I know of
reporters who were able to acquire their own cars in less than a couple 
of years from their entry in the industry. Some were even able to 
travel abroad for countless times. Others were able to immediately 
start building their own house. I'm sorry, but the problem must be in 

I wanted to counter his straight-talks, but his premises were firewalls.

I simply uttered, “Maybe I am not as enterprising as them – maybe, I am
not as good as them when it comes to the tricks of life.” 

He sighed and said, “Well, learn those tricks.” 

Silence reigned between us after he mouthed those words. Then he broke
it off, “So, where will I drop you, pal?” 

I smiled and said, “Right where you found me, my friend.” 

After expressing my gratitude for the ride and the snack, he drove off.
For a while, I watched the car claim a distance at a considerable 

As I continued my walk, I whispered to myself words that I should have
told my now very rich friend – “I know the tricks of life. I have also 
played them to the bones, like a pig in its cold sty. But at a certain 
point, you have to choose between the tricks of life and life itself. I 
have chosen life.” 

I smiled and held my head up high. 


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