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Little Iodine (standard:humor, 913 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Nov 30 2009Views/Reads: 1857/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Little Iodine is about a young girl named Helen,who accidently injures a small chick. The little chick becomes attached to Helen, and this starts a friendship.

Little Iodine Word count 909 

Helen hated living on a farm when she was a child. Her dad was a tented
farmer, and she and her four siblings were born in a small four-room 
house with no indoor plumbing, but that was how most poor people lived 
in the forties. When Helen's dad moved from the farm where they were 
all born Helen was almost eleven and she was wondering what the next 
house would be like. 

The next farm where her family moved had a large brick house with ten
rooms. Helen's family would only live in half of the house and the 
other half would stay empty. When Helen's mom and dad would go to the 
barn early in the mornings to milk the cows they would leave Helen and 
her sisters alone. Helen would be so scared; because sometimes when 
they were left alone Helen would hear what sounded like a dog howling 
in pain. She would rouse her younger sisters out of bed and take them 
outside so they wouldn't be harmed, and when her mom returned from the 
barn they would all be huddled together behind a building trying to 
keep warm.  Helen's mom would be angry because Helen had called her 
sisters out of bed for no reason. Her family would only live there for 
a short while. When Helen saw see her mom wrapping their dishes with 
newspaper she knew they were moving again. 

Helen was eleven years old when they moved again.  Dad would always make
the next place sound a lot better than the last. The school bus will 
stop right at the house and you kids won't have to walk the mile to 
school as you did at the last house, and he also said, there are all 
kinds of fruit trees and we could pick apples and peaches right from 
the tree to eat whenever we felt like it.  The house was a modern 
six-room house. Everything dad told us was true, but what he didn't 
tell us, was that we would start to work on the farm to help dad out. 
This would include getting up early to do chores before school. On 
weekends and summer vacation we would pick potatoes, bring hay to the 
barn and cut wood. It was very hard work for young girls as dad and mom 
only had one son, and he had more than his share to do. 

One of Helen's chores before school was to feed the chickens. The
chicken houses were located up a hill behind the house. One morning she 
was late getting up. As She ran up the hill she saw all the little the 
chicks lined up on the feeders waiting to be fed.  Instead of shooing 
them off, as she should have, Helen walked to the feeders and just 
picked them up to dump the old grain, before she put the fresh grain 
in.  All the little chicks fell to the ground, but came running back 
quickly to eat, all except one, this small chick came staggering to 
Helen with its head cocked to the side. She knew she had hurt it. Helen 
thought she would really be in trouble if her dad found out. Helen told 
her mom to see what she would say; she didn't say anything like it 
wasn't important. Helen didn't think her dad was told about the chick. 

Every time Helen went to feed the chickens the little chick with the
crooked head would run to her, for some reason the chick had become 
attached to her and Helen would always pick her up and love her before 
she did the chores. She named her friend Little Iodine. The chick 
became Helen's pet and she loved her very much. 

As summer turned to winter the chicks were getting bigger and fatter as
was Little Iodine. One afternoon after school when Helen went to feed 
the chickens Little Iodine didn't come running as she usually did.  
Helen ran into all the chicken houses checking to see if Little Iodine 
was there, but she wasn't anywhere. Helen was very upset when she ran 
to her mom crying. Mom she said, Little Iodine is missing, and that was 
when her mom said Farmer Collins came today to take some of the 
chickens to sell. Helen started to cry he took Little Iodine she said 
she didn't want Little Iodine sold. Please call Mr. Collins Helen 
cried.   Helen's mom called Mr. Collins and told him that he took 
Helen's pet chicken when he had came today to take chickens to sell, 
and Helen was very upset.  He told her mom he would see what he could 

Helen was on pins and needles as she waited that evening. It was dusk
when she heard a truck stop in front of the house.  Helen and her mom 
walked down the sidewalk to see who was there. Someone was getting out 
of the truck and was walking towards them. It was farmer Collins and he 
had a slight smile on his face. As he got closer Helen noticed he had 
something inside his coat, and then he bent over and sat it on the 
sidewalk it was Little Iodine and she went running towards Helen.  
Helen started to cry and picked her up and held her close.  She was so 
glad to see her.  She thanked Mr. Collins, and told him how happy she 
was to have little Iodine back. 


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