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Beauty Is.. (standard:poetry, 250 words)
Author: cracker11Added: Dec 30 2009Views/Reads: 1404/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Reflections poem. Theme was "Beauty Is". This was written about a person. I wasn't trying to copy the genious Edgar Allan Poe.

Beauty is the tortured soul of the raven. 

There is always a raven that flies among us. 

That raven, 

Always smiling, 

Pretends to have a good time. 

The raven is that person, 

You ask if they are alright. 

They nod and smile, 

Telling you they are great. 

Many people absorb this lie, 

Like a sponge sucks up water. 

I am one of the few 

Who disregards this lie. 

If you have ever seen a raven's soul 

You will know that its soul is beautiful 

Pure beauty is not happiness and joy, 

Pure beauty is truth. 

Every cell of the raven 

Screams reality. 

It does not live in a fantasy world. 

It is one of the few animals 

That has realized and accepted, 

That things live and things die. 

Souls close to it have died. 

The raven mourns the souls, misses the souls, but Never forgets the

Ravens are beautiful on the outside. 

But that is not the beauty 

That stuns me into silence. 

Its personality, 

Its soul, 

Everything the raven stands for... 

Is true paralyzing beauty. 

If people knew things 

That I know about the raven, 

They would shun it, disgrace it, 

Look down upon it. 

People that live in a fantasy world, 

They look down upon difference, 

They disgrace it. 

It is Not something you should 

Look down upon, 

Not something you should drown in pity. 

The raven is something you should look up to, 

Something you should Admire. 

The tortured soul of the raven is.. 

True Beauty. 


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