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Castle In The Clouds, Chapters Nineteen and Twenty (standard:drama, 3306 words) [10/21] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Jan 07 2010Views/Reads: 1348/936Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Veronica Day returns to the island, but Thomas Llewellyn is beginning to have his doubts... continuation of my drama set on a North Sea island.

Chapter Nineteen 

Llewellyn took the trap to Berwick having left Hambleton to familiarise
his new butler, Dawson, with the castle. He was in a state of  
euphoria; everything was set fair and it was a perfect summer's 
afternoon, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. 

His heart pumping like the steam engine soon to pull in, he arrived at
the station a full thirty minutes early.  As it transpired he had to 
wait an hour, the train having been delayed by operational 
difficulties, before finally the sight of grey smoke filled his eyes 
and clogged his nostrils, and the growing thunder of the locomotive as 
it ground into the station. 

And then there she was  the first to alight from the carriages, a treat
to his eyes as he stood by the exit, all leggy elegance with her yellow 
dress swirling in the breeze, the afternoon sunlight enhancing her rich 
red hair. 

But his excitement was dampened by the absence of the familiar violin
case he had bought for her. Her right hand carried luggage, and that 
was all. 

'My dear Veronica, how wonderful to see you, and as always, looking so
lovely.' He strode forward, taking her free hand, pulling her towards 
him and kissing her cheek. 

'Why thank you Thomas, it is nice to be back, I can smell the sea air

'From ten miles in? I doubt that.' As his smile became a frown, he
asked, 'Your violin Veronica, surely you haven't left it behind?' 

'I feel rather drained as far as my music goes, Thomas; I have trusted
it to the care of my brother in Gloucester. A few days without it will 
not go amiss.' 

'But your practicing -' 

'I can make it up Thomas,' Veronica said dismissively as Llewellyn
guided her through the exit to the trap. He grunted. 'It is simply that 
I have invited some important guests to stay this weekend, I had 
envisaged you playing for them -' 

'I am sorry, Thomas, I had not realised,' Veronica said tiredly. 

'It is not your fault Veronica, I failed to mention it.' Llewellyn
leaned his head closer to hers, 'I have other news,' he whispered. 

'Then please do enlighten me, Thomas,' Veronica prompted, turning her
head towards the countryside. 

'I have secured a business transaction.' Llewellyn held his hands high,
clapped them joyfully before taking the reins. 'My two guests who will 
be joining us tomorrow are our passport to ridding the castle of 
Dorothea's overbearing presence. It is soon to be ours alone.' 

'Why Thomas,' Veronica swung to face him, her face brightening as she
patted his arm, 'that is marvellous news  but are you certain she will 

'I am offering an additional twenty per cent by way of dividend, given
her present frame of mind I doubt that she will refuse.' 

Veronica nodded, turned away again, staring silently at the rising

'Is something the matter, Veronica, I thought you'd be delighted by my

'Indeed I am Thomas, indeed I am - ' but Veronica Day said nothing

'I assume you are returning on Monday?' Llewellyn inquired at length. 

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