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The black puppy (standard:drama, 683 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Jan 19 2010Views/Reads: 1834/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The black puppy is about a neighbor who notices the puppy next door isn't taken care of very well.

THE BLACK PUPPY Word count 694 

Ann was walking by her neighbor's house one afternoon on her way to her
apartment, when she noticed a black bundle of fur lying on their front 
porch. She thought Oh! What a cute little puppy as she walked over and 
played with it for a few minutes then, she continued on her way. Day 
after day when Ann walked by the house on her way home the, puppy would 
jump and bark for her to play with him. The neighbors, a young couple 
didn't interact with the puppy much. They told Ann they couldn't get 
the puppy trained so they tied him outside. 

Ann was told the puppy's name was Kirby. She would see him out in the
cold weather lying on the neighbor's front porch curled up in a ball 
trying to keep warm.  As the seasons changed nothing changed much for 
Kirby. Ann would look over at the neighbor's house and see Kirby 
standing on the front or back porch patiently waiting for someone to 
let him in the house. 

When Kirby would see Ann coming down the street he would wiggle and jump
on her for a little love and attention.  Kirby seemed so lonely from 
having no interaction with people. 

One day Ann asked the neighbor Joan, if she could start taking Kirby for
walks Joan said sure, he would probably enjoy it. So whenever Ann could 
she would take Kirby for walks around a nearby park.  He enjoyed it so 
much just sniffing all the different smells that dogs love, but when 
the time came to take him to his backyard he would pull back, Ann knew 
how much he hated to be in there by himself. 

Kirby started to escape by jumping over the backyard fence.  He was a
cocker mix and Ann was amazed that he could jump a six-foot fence. He 
usually would be found at the SPCA where someone had found him running 
on the streets, and took him there. Once his owners found him at Dunkin 

Ann had an ache in her heart for Kirby and the way he was treated. She
started talking food and snacks to him and she always made sure he had 
fresh water. One day as Ann was leaving for work it was raining so hard 
and Kirby was standing in the rain barking when he saw Joan drive up I 
guess he thought he might get to go indoors. Behind Kirby sat a 
doghouse that he was tied to. Ann asked Joan if Kirby ever went in the 
doghouse, she said no and went into the house. The SPCA said they 
couldn't do anything as long as there was a doghouse provided. Ann 
asked Joan if she could take Kirby for a couple of days she said yes.  
Kirby and Ann had such a good time he was so starved for attention.   
One morning as Ann was taking Kirby home Joan was waiting for her, she 
told Ann that they had decided to let her keep Kirby as they didn't 
have time to take care of him properly. 

Ann's mother had come to live with her. She didn't pay much attention to
Kirby.  One day she said to Ann in a not so pleasant way. How Are you 
going to find time to take care of a dog and you know they cost money. 

One Sunday morning Ann was returning from church, as she was ready to
open The door to her apartment she heard someone talking and giggling 
inside. As she entered her apartment she saw Kirby laying on her mom's 
bed, she was petting his head and talking to him. Kirby was such good 
company for Ann's mother when Ann had to go somewhere. He was always 
making her laugh and would always stand by her chair to be petted. 
After two years Ann's mom passed away. She had found so much happiness 
and love from this dog-named Kirby. The day of her mom's funeral Ann 
placed a picture of Kirby and her mom in her coffin. 


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