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The Quest for Orion (standard:fantasy, 2158 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Mar 07 2010Views/Reads: 1748/924Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A would-be knight sets his eyes to the beautiful evening skies upward, toward Orion, trying to find the courage to fulfill his destiny.

In the dark forest, a campfire burns brightly. He stares into the flames
trying to find an answer to the question burning inside his heart. 
Traveling for many years, he tastes pleasure, pain and sorrow, making a 
few dollars here and there jousting in festivals and training to become 
a knight. 

Being armed in silver, the silver that speaks of courage and bravery, is
a goal close to his heart. As he warms his hands over the flames, his 
eyes go upward, toward Orion, the constellation he loves. All time 
seems to stand still, for a moment, for Orion is the horseman that will 
deliver him to his destiny. The "would be" knight and his "star" take 
this moment to drink in the greeting from Orion, sending a message that 
all is well. He breathes deeply and gives thanks for the blessings that 
Orion delivers. The sound of laughter breaks the silence and he stands 
up and walks forward toward this unusual laugh. 

"Who laughs at me?" 

He listens a moment. 

A burst of giggles. 

"Come out now! I shall come after you." A woman in white comes out of
the shadows and holds back a smile. 

"Why are you so troubled?", she asks. 

"Troubled, I? Do I look troubled?" 

"Will you laugh if I reveal my dark secrets?", he gives her a strange

"Of course I might, but I might not!", she challenges him. 

"Oh, woman! Answer the question. Yes or no!" 

Another burst of giggles. 

"You laugh?" 

"I agree. I am funny!" 

"Isnt it easier to laugh than to scowl at the moon?", she asks. 

"I look up at the stars but I smile at them and if you listen closely,
they tell you secrets, the secrets of life and love.", she continues. 

"Silly woman. I want to become a knight. It is my destiny!", he says
boldly as he looks intensely into her innocent dark eyes. 

"Maybe you should look beyond your questions from the stars point of
view. Stars are filled with energy and guidance. One can always count 
on a star being on time and right where you need them.", she says 
calmly as she looks up. 

"Is that so?", he challenges her. 

"I said it, so it must be so.  I never lie or misguide a friend.", she

"I am on a quest for becoming a knight. I have to pass the bravery test
first to be a true knight." 

"And your name, sweet Miss?" 

"You don't need to know, right now. Let's just say I am mysterious and
fun.  I am  fleeing my family wishing to send me away to erase my wily 

"Wily ways? What do you mean, wily ways? Explain. Are you a bad woman?",
he teases, and smiles. 

"My imagination, my mind, I am not a bad woman. I am curious about the
world, about everything around me! I want to travel and live and 
experience life.  I must run far away from this ignorance and free my 

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