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Hercule Poirot and the Case of the Missing Ruby (standard:Fan Fiction, 12378 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Mar 07 2010Views/Reads: 1751/926Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Janet wins first prize in a contest and has the famous Hercule Poirot attend her science fair. Only after the science fair the real detective work begins and Janet seeks the help of Poirot to solve this case of a missing ruby.

It is a strange night,  a chill in the air. Janet looks up at the night
skies, there is a full moon and she hears the sound of  coyotes with 
their far away cries from the mountains. 

She walks home along the dark lit path about eight-thirty in the evening
after  the science fair at McArthur High. It is the highlight of the 
year! Janet is 15 years old, but she does like a good science fair! Her 
entry is video footage of a solar eclipse! She spends months doing 
research on solar eclipses and  her best effort even rents some 
expensive photography equipment to make sure the photos are perfection! 
A perfectionist even Hercule Poirot would be proud of! That's Janet! 


She is very excited because she receives a telegram this week announcing
that she is the first prize winner of the essay contest to convince 
famous Hercule Poirot would  attend her science fair. It was to be over 
 two thousand words and be very persuasive, enthusiastic and stand out 
from the crowd. Well, Janet's entry was outstanding as it is the top 
choice from over ten thousand entries and now the famous Hercule Poirot 
is attending her Science Fair!  Janet is very excited!! 

She doesn't see him yet, but he always knows how to make an entrance.
She is sure that there will be a crowd of people when he shows up. 

There always is! 

Hercule Poirot has a way of making an entrance quite unlike anyone


The auditorium at McArthur High is all lit up and the Science Fair
exhibits are all on display. The doors open at 6:30 pm and a line all 
the way out to the parking lot waiting to get inside to see the science 
fair exhibits!  Of course, the fact that 

Hercule is attending has the whole town curious! 

Hercule Poirot is usually early and on time, but this time he is
curiously late... 

Janet is at her science fair station, setting up her solar eclipse
exhibit at this time. She practices her presentation as she has some 
time before Hercule Poirot arrives and the judging begins. Then 
something terribly happens... 

Jimmy, the science teachers son, pushes Janet down to the floor,
snatches her video footage and rushes up  to present it himself! 

She gets  back on her feet, rushes up to the podium and reclaims her own
science project, Janet protests this injustice in a loud voice! 

When suddenly, out of nowhere, a singular voice, stands up 

for Janet! 

A familiar voice.... 

"Give her back that video footage! It's not yours!" 

"I am Hercule Poirot!" 

"Janet is the winner of my contest. It would have been an honor 

for me to be here ,  I fly all the way from London to attend Janet's 

Science Fair!! I walk in to find such bad sportsmanship from the son of 

the science teacher, no less! For shame, Jimmy! Sorry but this is a 

despicable young man who most likely thought he could skate through 

this science fair since his father is the science teacher and one of the

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