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Chuckles (standard:humor, 980 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Mar 25 2010Views/Reads: 1897/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a collection of funnies and guestions I have heard my grandchildren say.

CHUCKLES Word count 977 

I was a grandmother for the first time when my son and his wife had a
beautiful little girl with blonde hair and sky blue eyes she is now 
twenty eight and I love her so very much. After six years a little boy 
joined the family. I was still young back then, and working full time 
when they were born and I didn't get to spend a lot of time with them. 

Eight years later my daughter would marry and have three more little
ones I was older and had to baby-sit a lot.  I didn't listen to my 
children like mothers do now. I have more time to listen to my 
grandchildren and I really didn't know how humorous they could be. So 
here goes, and I hope you can enjoy like I did. 

My daughter's oldest was a little girl and two little boys came along in
a couple of years of each other. 

One Sunday my daughter and son-in law had his dad over for dinner and
since his dad was ailing and could not drive himself a very tall man 
came with him. Little Joeb was my daughter's oldest son who was just 
three years old. While Joeb was trying to get the tall man's attention 
to ask him a question he tapped the man on the arm and said hey, hey 
big long man. 

Little Joeb was the sensitive one of their three children. Once when my
daughter was picking her daughter up from school, and while they were 
waiting for school to leave out, little Joeb accidentally fell he was 
just a little guy. He started to scream at his mom. Mommy you tripped 
me he said my daughter was shocked that he said this, and she said no I 
didn't   yes you did he said crying in front of all the parents waiting 
to pick up their children. 

One day my daughter Jan stopped at the pharmacy to pick up medication
she had her three children with her.  When the pharmacy lady appeared 
at the window and asked what prescriptions she wanted.  It was at this 
time a very loud noise of someone passing gas came from the back seat. 
My daughter and the lady at the window paid no attention. When the lady 
walked away my daughter in a very angry voice turned around and yelled 
which one of you did that? Eight -year-old summer said I did mommy, as 
she handed her mom a whoopee cushion. I was trying to read and the boys 
kept talking, so that is why I did it. 

As my five-year-old grandson Joeb looked at his mom's computer screen
-saver that had jumping pumpkins n it for Halloween he said, oh mommy I 
see you changed your lifesaver. 

My grandson Joeb offered his aunt Cheryl a little foam airplane. He said
here Aunt Cheryl I want you to have this, Aunt Cheryl replied, no honey 
I don't want your airplane. Little Joeb said, you know Aunt Cheryl it 
is better to give then to be seen. 

Eight year -old summer picked up one of her mother's old music albums. I
want to listen to this one mommy Joan Jet and the Blackheads. My 
daughter smiled and said it's Blackhearts Summer. 

We went to the viewing of the children's pappy who had just died. My
daughter had the boys dressed somewhat alike in shirt and ties. Caleb 
was just three and had never worn a tie before and asked what it was. 
We told him it was a necktie. The children weren't very quiet as 
children can be. I kept my cool as they went up to see their pappy.  We 
told them pappy had gone to heaven. As the evening went on my daughter 
took Caleb's tie off to make him more comfortable. After awhile Caleb 
looked at his mother and started patting his shirt and said mommy 
where's my tail that goes with this. I must have giggled for a week 
after that statement. 

One day in the summer months we were waiting for the air- conditioning
repair people to arrive. Caleb kept looking out of the window. I asked 
him who he was looking for. He said I want to see what the repair 
people look like mamaw I want to see if they are old or new people. 

One day I was sitting on the front porch when Caleb came running and
screaming mamaw there is a granddaddy dong leg on me. 

When Caleb was about to turn four-years-old. His birthday was on
December 21. Caleb told everyone I don't to be four I am three years 
old. I don't want a party just presents. His birthday came and went. He 
received presents, but no candles were put on his birthday cake. On the 
cake was happy birthday Caleb. We wondered when he would accept the 
fact that he had just turned four years old. 

We had just returned from picking the two older children up from school.
As everyone was getting out of the car I noticed Caleb had taken his 
shoes off as he usually did. As I turned around and said Caleb get on 
my back and I will give you a piggyback ride. When we walked in the 
house little Caleb yelled to his mother look mommy mamaw is giving me a 
piggy bank ride. 

One evening as my daughter was wrapping presents  for a friend who was
having a baby shower for her daughter.  Caleb walked into the bedroom 
and asked whom the presents were for.  His mom said they were for a 
friend's daughter who was having her first baby. Where is the baby 
little Caleb asked? It is still in Shannon's belly replied his mom. 
Caleb asked how did it get in her belly, did she eat the baby he asked? 


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