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THE BIG BLUE NOWHERE (standard:other, 384 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Apr 05 2010Views/Reads: 1460/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's a metaphor for cyberspace. How has it changed our society and our concept of what is real or virtual?


FANTASIES, and fulfills the desire that is lacking in our everyday

From where you sit , you can talk to anyone in the world, laugh, cry, 

wonder why.  THE BIG BLUE NOWHERE is populated with beings 

that seek ATTENTION.  They have SPARKLY signs and words that SEDUCE
YOUto buy a product, to upgrade, make money, exaggerate, 

contemplate, but always with alot of   PIZZAZZ!! 

Never the ordinary.  Always the EXTRAORDINARY!!! 

Nothing deep, but SUPERFICIAL 


The Big Blue Nowhere lies in the Intangible, the world  beyond 

the rainbow filled with perfect  people who are having all the FUN 

in the world, or claiming they are. People that clamor for ATTENTION 

and wear outlandish outfits.  A place where SEX APPEAL RULES 

the day, and Today's "IT" Girl is Tomorrow's ''OUT" Girl.! 

The only analogy close is possibly taking a peek into 

"ALICE IN WONDERLAND", a world of contradictions, or oddities, of 

your fondest dreams and wishes, all packaged up in PINK RIBBONS 

AND RAINBOWS!. A place that time forgot, where people live in 

a bubble and wear the finest clothes.  There is no age or work, 

just pure pleasure, or so they say!! 

it's all hearsay... 

Yes, for the innocent bystander,, it must seem like a DREAM. But what 

is life but a DREAM?   OR A REALITY?   We make our moments out of 

our desire to be better tomorrow than we are this moment. We 

take the step to attain our goals.  That one thought became a 

reality with the CHOICE TO ACT.  The real world sometimes 

gets mixed up with the BIG BLUE NOWHERE, when you turn off the 

power, and sit in the silence of NOW. 

You sit a moment wondering WHAT IS REALLY REAL?? 

What really matters? Where do I belong? 

It comes down to wanting to BELONG.  Liking who you are, no 

matter what.  You exist. this moment in time wherever you are. 

It doesn' t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  Remember 

life is wonderful and so are you! You are here for a reason. 

Go on outside and enjoy the sunshine! You got alot of living to do! 

Get out of the Big Blue Nowhere and take a trip back into 

the world of the living! 


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