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What's new? (standard:other, 429 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Apr 25 2010Views/Reads: 1484/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
So what's new? Who really knows? Just ask any dog or cat and they'll just grin at you and let you figure it out for yourself. The answer will change your life.

What's new? 

Let me start at the beginning.  I always had dogs in my life. 

Mostly fox terriers, who were highly strung and only liked my brother 

or my Dad.  Try to ask a fox terrier "what's new?" and you will likely 

get an uppity growl.  I never had a cat, so I wouldn't assume to 

know what a cat is thinking, if it even thinks at all. 

I think about strange things sometimes, when I am walking and I 

see a beautiful home, I wonder what the people inside are like. Or 

how their lives are.  I imagine they have their own joys and sorrows, 

covered up with pretty manicured lawns and vacations, drama and 

happiness mixed in the assumption.  I wonder if I ask these people 

"what's new?"  I will get a fifteen minute scenario of perfection 

or pain.  I don't know and sometimes wonder why I even care. 

Maybe I need a life or have a beautiful one already.  What's important 

is to realize that each day is a gift and we are exactly where we 

need to be this moment.  You have the ability to change your future 

first by accepting yourself this moment.  You are an amazing person!! 

There is no one else like you.  The world is full of leaders 

and followers and wannabes that want you to feel like you are missing 

out on life. 

Life if what you make it!  It starts with YOU.  Live each day 

with no regrets and when someone says something mean to you, just 

realize that that is their problem, not yours.  Try not to take 

things personally because you are what you are.  And that is 

exactly what you are supposed to be! 

If you are confused by my words, just take a moment and look in the 

mirror. Now smile at yourself and ask yourself . 

Are you happy? What makes you happy? 

If the whole world told you to jump off a bridge, would you? 

Of course not! 

Then why do people do silly things just to fit in? 

Not a clear answer of that only probably because they want to feel 

good about themselves and some people can only feel good 

when they make others feel bad. 

The only way to be strong in this world is to be true to yourself 

and be happy in your heart. 

So what's new? 

I love today! I am everything I want to be this moment and 

my friends are the light of my life!! 

Bless you all!! It's a great day to be alive!!


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