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The Marriage License (standard:drama, 574 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Apr 28 2010Views/Reads: 2168/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a woman who looks at her marriage License and her whole life comes into view.


Sandra looked down at the copy of her marriage license, and everything
was still so fresh in her mind the date of the marriage ceremony and 
the ages of her husband to be and herself. She was twenty he was 
twenty-four. It seemed like it was only yesterday, the years had passed 
so quickly. 

The marriage lasted for seventeen years it wasn't a very happy one in
fact it was the loneliest years of Sandra's life. They were getting 
married because she was carrying this man's child. This would be 
Sandra's third child. Her first child was a little boy who was 
conceived when a local boy who stopped to give her a ride into town. 
She trusted him. Then he pulled the car over and forced her to have 

Then Sandra gave birth to a little girl that was put up for adoption. 
Sandra wanted more for her daughter whom was named Joan, than a home 
with her alcoholic father and her mom cussing each other constantly. It 
wasn't a good atmosphere for any child. 

The local boy who had forced himself on Sandra, at the time was engaged
to be married to his girlfriend who was also pregnant and they were 
married before their son was born. 

Sandra was so upset when she found that Joan's father was already
married with two children and his wife was pregnant with their third 
child. Sandra wondered why she was so naïve to believe this man. She 
thought, was she so desperate to find a husband?  She knew her son and 
herself had to get away from the terrible situation at her father's 

If she had it to do  over Sandra would have never Given her daughter up
for adoption because she always wondered if Joan was safe and raised 
well. This was so overwhelming for Sandra. Thank God many years later 
Sandra found her daughter.  Joan had been  raised well with a loving 

A little boy was born to Sandra and Jack they would name him Jack Jr.
six years later another little girl joined the family she was named 
Heidi. Jack Jr. was a very loving little boy. He was only thirteen 
years old when he becomes very ill and died four days later? The death 
of our precious son split the marriage because it wasn't strong enough 
to endure a tragedy such as that. The time passed so quickly. After 
that Sandra worked to make a home for her son Jody and daughter Heidi. 

Sandra now believes people have dreams in life to marry the prefect man
and have beautiful children and to live happily ever after. A lot of 
our dreams disappear into the mist of life. Sandra suffered from 
depression most of her life. And her mind didn't function well enough 
to make the right choices. 

Sandra will never believe her life was a waste she delivered four
healthy babies. She will never forget the precious son she lost. Her 
other three children are doing well in life and they have given her 
five beautiful grandchildren who give her so much love and joy. Now 
Sandra must go upstairs of the old courthouse to get a copy of her 
divorce decree. Sandra needs both of these to draw her social security. 
She will soon be sixty-two years old and will enjoy the rest of her 
life with her children and grandchildren. 


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