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I Met a God (standard:fantasy, 1197 words)
Author: JuliyaAdded: May 01 2010Views/Reads: 1808/989Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story in which a young woman meets and falls in love with a god.

Chapter one 

Hades lay on the floor of his corridor. The concrete was dark and cold.
Just like the room around him. His dark, emerald, green eyes scanned 
the room, but there was nothing but his throne. His pale white skin 
against the dark floor was like a dove in the night sky, his pitch 
black hair was like a raven's feathers and his earings were like 
crystal embedded in a slab of marble. 

Hades turned his head to look at the ceiling. He had never wanted this
job in the first place. And yet he was stuck in this world of pain. He 
was forced to watch over the dead. Forced to live in this place with no 
one but the ferry guard. 

Hades pulled himself from the floor and walked to the door. He walked
through the hallways and made his way to another room. But it really 
wasn't a room. It was a field. A field of the dead. Hades pushed 
through the spirits as they walked around with expressions of pain on 
their faces. He made it to the gate, but instead of going through it he 
turned down another hallway. He walked all the way to the end of the 
hall and turned into the only room down the hall. As he entered the 
room he went straight too the other side. There was a door on the other 
side of the room. Hades walked over to it and without hesitating pulled 
it open. Light spilled into the room. Hades stepped into the light and 
walked through the doorway. On the other side of the door Hades walked 
over to the side of a building and climbed onto his bike. He revved his 
engine and took off down the road. 

Hades drove through New York City for awhile and then he parked his car
outside a bar he had been to in the past. He walked inside and took a 
seat at the bar. He just sat there thinking. He was about to leave when 
a young women came and sat down right next to him. She was beautiful. 
Her golden, strawberry brown hair fell to her shoulders in curls. She 
had a pale perfect complexion and her ice blue eyes couldn't have been 
spotted from miles away. 

The women immediately started digging through her purse. She pulled
things out and placed them on the bar and then put them back in. She 
finally found what she was looking for. Her money. 

“Sam I need a shot of something.” she told the bartender. 

“Hard day at work again?” the bartender asked. 

“Yeah.” she answered. 

“Coming right up.” Sam told her as he walked away to get her something
to drink. 

Lucy felt like she was being watched. Then she realized that that's
because she was. The man sitting next to her kept looking at her. She 
had to admit he was pretty hot. He had jet black hair and earings. All 
that was missing was a motorcycle. 

Hades sat there awhile longer. He repeatedly took quick glances at the
women. She must of noticed because she turned, looked at him for a 
second and then starting talking to him. 

“Hi.” she said. Hades just nodded and smiled. She kind of nodded to and
then looked around the bar and then back at Hades. 

“So, what are you here for.” she asked. 

“Life, too much for me right now.” Hades replied hesitating a little.
Lucy nodded and then stuck her hand out. 

“I'm Lucy. Lucy Smith” she told him. Hades hesitatingly took her hand in

“I'm Had...., I mean Henry. I'm Henry Johnson.” he replied. 

“Nice to meet you.” Lucy told him. He nodded. 

“You too.” he answered. 

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