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OF BODIES TORN TO PIECES (standard:poetry, 220 words)
Author: kendall thomas Added: May 27 2010Views/Reads: 1329/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

i regretfully write to tell you that i have betrayed you 

they wired electrodes to my genitals 

(i use polite words--my censors will not let me use the crude ones--
they do not wish to offend) 

but i would not talk 

they screamed at me and called me a terrorist ‘confess' they said;
‘confess you filthy _____ pervert' 

but i remained silent and prayed to my god-- their same god 

they whipped me with knotted cords they made me perform  fellatio on
them (i cannot use real words) 

but still i would not talk-- how could i? for i was not a terrorist 

they pulled my fingernails out 

naked i lay in my own vomit and excrement on a cold concrete floor 

but still i did not talk-- 

‘i am a man not an animal'--i said 

they urinated on me 

(i do not write real words because of censors) 

i am assured now that i was not tortured (i must not use unreal words)
it was only enhanced interrogation 

they brought in my mother and daughter before me and raped them 

i begged them--pleaded i confessed to everything 

still they ripped their breasts off with red hot rippers i watched them
die as blood colored the walls 

i betrayed you--my friend i am not a man . . . anymore 


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