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Stranded ! (standard:science fiction, 405 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: May 30 2010Views/Reads: 2110/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He longed to return home.

Stranded ! 

“I am not cut out for this world” the furry creature said to himself as
he looked up at the stars from his lonely cave, longing to go back to 
his home planet from whence he came, where his people lived in peace 
and harmony, each caring for the other, where war was unheard of, 
unlike this dreadful planet where the inhabitants had a penchant for 
killing senselessly even their own, which to him revealed insanity in 
their genetic makeup. Since that terrible crash here on Earth years ago 
in the bleak, cold and indifferent Himalayan Mountains, he managed to 
adapt quickly to the deadly cold and survived. Unfortunately for him, 
he was spotted by some members of an expedition party and since then 
was hunted relentlessly, but managed always to escape his predators by 
use of his superior intelligence. Now, homesick and lonely, he wanted 
to die. 

He couldn't go on like this, being a hunted creature when he was a
respected Hero on his planet, so that day he made a final decision to 
end it all! Cursing the two legged Earth creatures that seemed to rule 
the planet, he was about to throw himself over the high cliff when he 
heard a loud humming  sound above, a familiar sound and his heart leapt 
for joy, for there above him, hovering in the cloudless sky, was a 
circular shaped craft- a familiar sight to him. One of his own. He 
looked up as a shaft of green light beamed down on him and he was 
lifted bodily into the hollow shaft beneath the space ship, which then 
rose vertically and disappeared into the cloudless sky. Back on his 
home Planet, He was given a hero's welcome being a high commander of 
their exploration space fleet and was told that a hunt for him and his 
crew was organized by the Space Federation of Planets when he did not 
return to base as schedule and fortunately for him, the searchers had 
managed to pinpoint his location on the search monitor and picked up 
the emergency signals emanating from his craft. He told them that 
indeed he was fortunate to be alive and was glad to be back among his 
own and related his horrible experiences on this hostile planet. And a 
plan was made to visit this island Earth. 

Thus ends the tale of the creature called the” Abominable Snowman”! 



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