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Showcase : 2050 A.D. (standard:science fiction, 815 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Jul 02 2010Views/Reads: 1654/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A future possibility if mankind don't "wake up"to the potential danger of having nuclear weapons.

A possible big event if Mankind doesn't "wake up" to the dangers of
weapons of mass destruction soon. . SHOWCASE : 3050 A.D. 

The two aliens were looking at a showcase in the Museum of Antiquities
.There were two statues of biped creatures looking at each other, 
Beneath the taller of the two was a plaque that read MAN and beneath 
the other  WOMAN 

The younger of the two visitors turned to the older and asked,
“granddad, who were they?” 

“They were called humans and they ruled the world for quite a few
thousands of years. They were godlike beings having the gift of 
Creativity, unlike the other animals that roamed the Earth in those 
days. With this unique gift, they built great communities called cities 
and formed what were called civilizations. Some of these civilizations 
were more advanced that the other governed by a set of rules called 
laws. Many of these civilizations were ruled by both good and evil 
leaders .Some flourished and prospered, others fell by mismanagement 
and corruption of the Leaders and their governments, then came two 
great World Wars in the twentieth century called World War One and Two 
respectively. These two great wars surpassed all the previous wars ever 
raged by mankind in both loss of lives and magnitude over the 
centuries, millions of lives were lost in the conflicts that ensued on 
both sides, then came a diabolical creation called the Atomic Bomb and 
the beginning of what was called the” Nuclear Age” when great weapons 
of mass destruction were invented. 

“And what happened, Grandpa?” prompted the young alien after seeing his
grandfather paused as if in contemplation. The old Alien shook his head 
slowly and said sadly” Waste! What a waste of lives. The madness and 
destruction that took place after the Third war was mind boggling to 
conceive. One would think they would have learned from the previous two 
essentially there are no winners. Even after being warned to get rid of 
these terrible weapons of mass destruction by what was called the 
United Nations.-a governing body of nations that attempted to keep the 
world a safe, secure and peaceful place among nations, the arrogant 
super powers went ahead and unleash those weapons on each other in what 
was called the Third World War, where there were no winners.!  Fear 
gripped the Earth as never before and people fell died on their feet by 
the millions from the dreadful fallout.  There was nowhere to turn to 
for refuge at that time, even the mountains were ablaze “. 

“That war lasted but a few days and the Aftermath was terrible. 

He paused. 

“When we first came to this planet five hundred years ago, it was cold,
dead and deserted. even the seas had dried up. We scoured about for 
signs of life but no avail, and no sign of life was ever found. 

“ Our Archives said that it was once a flourishing planet, There were
beautiful lakes, rivers and  pristine rain forests teeming with a 
variety of life, both plant and animal. Also there were a variety of 
colourful cultures and, great cities around the world .Wonderful 
discoveries in both medical and technological sciences were made, but 
now all that is gone and mere ashes remain. The Humans, what fools they 
were. It's sickening just to think of it, They had everything going for 
them, great Science and Technology but never conquered one emotion that 
was the cause of their final downfall - Greed ! They wanted more and 
more until they, like a greedy dogs, choke themselves to death, so to 
speak . 

“Gee, Grandpa, how could they have been so foolish?” 

They then moved on down the wide aisle of ancient artefacts and exhibits

“What is that, Grandpa?” said the young alien pointing to a showcase
which boasted a part of an arm grasping a broken torch. 

“The symbol of freedom of a once great society  that is now extinct, of
course,” He replied, ” We found it buried deep in the sand,” he paused 
looking at the huge artefact, and added ,” but that's another story! “. 

‘Could you tell me about it, Please, grandpa?” urged the young alien. 

“Some other time, Luan,” replied the old Alien shaking his head in
sorrow, “Only to say that they were arrogant and thought they ruled the 
world like the Romans of olden times and suffered the same fate. The 
other Nations, especially what was known as the Middle East, became 
tired of their arrogance ,they formed an alliance and attacked the 
country and that's how the Third World War started,some said it was 
really envy of the democratic system with its freedom and rights of its 
citizens . We will never know,but It's getting late and we must go!” he 
said firmly and they both left the Giant Museum of Antiquities , one 
enthralled, the other sad. 


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