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Just an Ordinary Street (standard:drama, 370 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Jul 05 2010Views/Reads: 2065/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My story is about a street where ordinary people live. It tells of the houses they live in and how they spend their time.


It was a small street located on the last block that went out of town.
There were just a few children who lived on this street. 

A lot of the houses were built in the 60's they were built all on one
floor with no upper rooms. They were called ranch style homes.  There 
was one tall house that seemed to go straight up in the air. It was the 
original farmhouse for all the surrounding land. It stood stately with 
the shadows moving back and forth over the windows as the evening hours 

Across the street from what used to be the farmhouse stood a large brick
apartment building. The building was made into five one-bedroom 
apartments. The landlord said it was built in 1930 everyone on the 
block wondered if it might have been an old railroad house. As that old 
saying goes if these walls could talk. We know one thing for sure it 
has housed some characters since then. 

On the corner of the block stood the firehouse it seemed quiet and
strong with the flags always blowing in the front of the building. The 
people on the block felt somewhat safer with it there. 

Beside what was once the farmhouse lived a very old lady. Her car still
parked on her carport where it had been for years.  The lady knows 
she'll never drive again, but I guess her car reminds of younger days 
gone buy. 

Most of the people are working people who like to mind their own
business. I remember when my younger sister died from cancer and the 
hearse came and took her away for an autopsy. The people on the street 
did not come near to wish their condolences or to even asked what 
happened. They just went to work and came home where they did their 
usual things like read the newspaper, or talk to their kids. Everything 
seemed fine in their lives, but what if. 

People don't come together any more to help one another. I don't think
it's because life has made them tough, but I think life has made them 
scared that the next time it may be them. 


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