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Goodbye Old Life (standard:Fan Fiction, 937 words)
Author: ValerieAdded: Jul 09 2010Views/Reads: 1599/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My story is about the Holocaust. A 16 year old and her family, mom and dad, were sent to a concentration camp in 1933. Becca (main character) learned how to survive through leaving her old life, seeing a family member die right in front of her, and losing

September 1,1933 Today came bad news. We have received a letter from the
German Government, instructing us to report to the train station for 
deportation. We will be heading to a Jewish concentration camp. My 
family of three, me (Becca), mom (Mary), and dad (Phillip), has to pack 
as much as we can. O, I dont want to leave all my precious belongings 
behind. Goodbye old life. 

September 3,1933 Hell. Thats what the concentration camp looks like. We
just arrived, daddy has been separated from me and mother. I feel like 
I have been torn, I hope I see daddy again, I really do. People are 
crying, screaming, and dying. Its just terrible. I need my daddys 
protection.I cry out for him, but I was forced into a cold dark room. 
The Guards made us strip all our clothing.They made us walk in public 
without clothes, im so embarrassed, ashamed. The guards forced into a 
room, were they shaved my pretty long brown hair. The guards called us 
terrible names, told us we were useless. They whipped us if we did 
something wrong or they just wanted too. I was finally given clothes, a 
striped uniform too big for me. Then we all crammedin line to get seven 
numbers tatooed in our arms. Im no longer Becca, im 1356784. Ill never 
forget the stinging pain. Me and mother were given a Barrack to sleep 
in. It smelled of death. I fell like im going to vomit. Our Barrack 
leader is a horrid woman. You would think her being here since "it" 
opened she wouldnt be so mean, she would help us get through 
everything. When will i leave this terrible death chamber? When? 

May 6,1935 Two agonizing years, I havent seen anyone get shot. I heard
them, the big bang the ear spitting scream. But not in person and not 
to a loved family member. Rachel, my aunt, died last night. A stupid 
soldier came into our Barrack took her outside, and shot her three 
times. I will never forget that bloodcurling scream. What was worse was 
when the soldier laughed, then stepped over her dead limp body, like a 
piece of trash. What did she do to deserve to die like that? Why did 
she have to go? 

November 18, 1937 Today is my birthday, and today is the day my best and
only friend died, Elizabeth, died. I feel so terrible, i just met my 
only friend yesterday. We were skipping and laughing at jokes 
yeasterday! She was acting fine, not sick or anything. But when I woke 
up Lean, Elizabeth's mother, was being dragged out by soldiers  wailing 
" My baby! My precious baby!" I turned to Elizabeth's bed and saw 
soldiers carrying her body away. I looked over at my mother, she was 
crying, then I knew Elizabeth had died during the night. While I was 
dreaming of being free, my friend was wheezing and coughing. After 
minuted of being in pain, she finally took her last breath in her 
weeping mothers arms. This is the worst birthday I ever had. I wish I 
could have done something to help her. I will miss you Lizzie! 

January 10,1940 The rumars are true. Our concentration camp, Auschwitz,
has installed gas chambers. First killing people randomly, then 
cremation chambers, now this?! What did we Jews do to deserve this kind 
of torture? WHY?! People younger then sixteen and the old people are 
being gassed. At night I hear the terrifing screams of innocent people. 
Once I a baby boy being carried by his mother to the gas chambers. He 
was carrying his stuffed animal. I never saw him or his toy again. 

December 2,1940 My cousin ,Joshua, was shot by a soldier three days ago.
He was shot in the eye. All you could see was a hollow hole, and one 
eye hanging by a thread of tissue. He died today. People said he would 
give og his bread and soup to this sick sixteen year old. The sick boy 
said he was his hero. 

March 3,1945 Me and mother were being transferred to another camp, when
the allies, Americans, were flying and shooting at anything moving. 
They thought we were German soldiers. Mother, me, and one other girl 
ducked down in the cart. Before The girl could duck, she was shot in 
the head. We had to leave her behind. 

March 6,1945 We are F-R-E-E! Americans captuers the German soldiers and
let us free. It feels so good to smell the fresh air again! I cant wait 
to see my dear old dad and friends. Im going to be so glad when we can 
live in peace again. One happy family! I am also gloomy. I feel 
dreadful for all thos who lost their lives, espiecally for ones who 
lost loved ones. Thank you God for helping me and my family those harsh 
times. Thank you. 

May 7,1946 My hair is growing back out again. We are packing to move to
America. I cant wait to start a new life. I am blessed that my parents 
are alive and well. Some German soldiers are roaming the streets. Once 
one tried to stop me in the streets, but luckly my father was right 
beside me, and told him to move along. The man just stood there for a 
minute. Finally he walked away shaking his head. I am truly thankful 
for survivny, but I still have terrible memories. I have the scars, and 
the tattoo to remind me of those days. I am starting a new life now, 
but I will never forget the past.


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