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AN AMAZING AFRICAN BOY (standard:Inspirational stories, 770 words)
Author: MusokeAdded: Jul 14 2010Views/Reads: 1612/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He is a great leader,a true Nationalist always jolly & cheerful! He is very passionate about his motherland, Uganda. He is inspirational and he is a great mobilizer.

Mwiine Derrick, the youngest Ugandan environmentalist, born 12/Sept/1996
is fighting to stop climate change in his country by mobilizing rural 
women & youth to plant trees in every part of his country. 

He is always jolly & cheerful! He is very passionate about his
motherland, Uganda. He is inspirational, and mature in reasoning. 
Derrick has mastered the promotional skills of marketing his country to 
foreigners. He will tell your about the tourist attractions, the fresh 
food, the hospitality of Ugandans, The Ugandan culture & entertainment, 
the good climate and he will go ahead to assure of your safety & 
security while in Uganda. He will also encourage you to invest in his 
country. He is an amazing boy who is very confident. 

Mwiine Derrick, a Mukiga boy by tribe from Kabale District, Uganda was
born on 12th/Sept/1996.He did not grow up with his mother Called Irene. 
He never at any time enjoyed what most of us call mother's love. He 
didn't know his mother well until he was five years when he started 
communicating with her through a cell-phone bought for him by his 
loving and caring father. Before Mwiine was one year old, her mother 
Irene who was a college student had already left, leaving the entire 
burden of raising Mwiine to his father who had just graduated without 
enough money & experience in raising a baby!  Mwiine's father has never 
blamed his girl friend Irene for abandoning him with a baby and he 
doesn't want to talk about the incident. He claimed that it wasn't her 
decision if she had a way out! Talking to Derrick's Auntie, she has no 
kind words instead she blamed the entire family of Irene & Government 
politicians for having messed up his brother's romantic relationship 
with Irene, the mother of Derrick. “My brother is a very wonderful man 
with a very kind heart, he is only being disorganized by Irene's family 
with the help of the Government officials, but they will never defeat 
my brother. The way I know Nathan, unless you kill him” she claimed. 
Derrick's father refused everyone including his own parents to raise 
his son Derrick. He even rejected the house maids hired for him by his 
well to do well wishers who wanted to be there for his son. He never 
trusted anyone with his son. He had several fights with his family & 
the Police who were trying to retrieve Derrick from him thinking that 
he couldn't manage. Although Derrick never had a mother near him, in 
his father, Muhiire Nathan; Derrick found real parental love & care 
which very few people in this world have ever experienced! In his 
father, Mr. Muhiire Nathan, a professional teacher & researcher, Mwiine 
found a defender, a true mother, Father, Sister, Brother, and a trusted 
friend with unfailing love. Mwiine is very proud of his father and he 
trusts him with everything of his! His father has been there for his 
son! Mwiine will tell you that he only enjoys food which has been 
prepared by his father! The two are just great friends and Mwiine 
Derrick tries hard not to upset his father. He would not hastate to 
tell you that he has the best father in the whole world that should be 
happy forever. No wonder, what most of us call spoiling a kid, Mwiine 
has had it all! At three years, He had a powerful 12-band Sony radio 
set & a Kodak camera, at four years; he had a colored Sony TV set in 
his room, at six years he had a Dell computer & an expensive mobile 
phone, at eight years he had a Sony Video Camera & a Laptop. His father 
never believes in normal playing toys! These items have greatly 
influenced Mwiine's upbringing! Mwiine is a person who has gone places. 
He is very brave, confident, and intelligent. His father claims that 
there is no young child in this world. He goes on to say that if you 
want your child to be young then your son or daughter will be a baby 
for all his or her life!  He emphasizes that parents should stop 
curtailing the capabilities of their children by restraining them under 
the pretext of being young! GIVE YOUR KID THREE Es-(1) education (2) 
experience (3) EXPOSURE and monitor by fighting laziness, and leave the 
rest to God. More about Mwiine Derrick:
greenest_in_the_whole_world h
ent.php?eid=115760311770037&index=1 Mwiine Derrick is: 1-A nationalist 2
-A Human rights activist 3-An environmentalist 4-An inspirational figure
 in Ugandan politics 5-An admiration of many parents across the world 


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