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Chuckles #2 (standard:humor, 556 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Jul 25 2010Views/Reads: 1845/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Funny things my grand children said.

CHUCKLES#3 Word count556 

Four-year-old Caleb was visiting his other grandma. Two of his cousins
were there with their two-wheeled bikes; they also had on helmets and 
kneepads. We heard Caleb remark. I have a two-wheeler and I don't have 
to wear any old helmet and kneecaps. 

All of the kids were brushing their teeth one evening when we heard,
Caleb say look everybody I can put a hippie on my arm. As he sucked on 
his arm and showed everyone the red mark it had made on his arm. Then 
he would say, see my hippie. His older brother Joeb said Caleb it's not 
a hippie it's a hickie. I asked Joeb where he had heard about a hickie. 
On Sissy's movie Grease he replied. 

Once on our way out to eat little Joeb said said Mamaw I told my teacher
she smells like you. My teacher asked if that was good he told her yes. 

Once I was driving to my house and Caleb was with me. He was telling me
how many pair of swimming trunks he and Joeb had. He topped it off with 
Sissy don't wear swimming trunks she wears a Zucchini. 

Five-year-old Caleb was riding in the car with me. I heard him asked
Mamaw if you don't want your wife anymore do you just dump her? 

Once Caleb and I was riding through a small town where I used to go to
school Not thinking I said Caleb there is the little deli where my 
girlfriend and I used to go to buy sodas for lunch. Caleb became very 
quiet. From the back seat I heard this little voice say. Mamaw, did you 
used to be a man. 

My daughter had brought plastic bowl covers for her leftovers, as
ten-year-old summer walked by she said why do we have shower caps on 
our bowls in the refrigerator. 

My six-year-old grandson Joeb was complaining to his mom. He said a
friend of his always gets to be class helper. Katelin always gets to be 
class helper even on holidays. She was helper on Easter, she was helper 
on valentine's day she was even helper when the mole looked out of his 
hole and that meant there would be six more weeks of winter. 

As I was getting dressed to take Caleb to lunch. I put lipstick on
something I rarely do. Caleb said you look more like a woman now then 
you do a mamaw. 

I took summer to lunch for her tenth birthday. I was asking the young
waiter what was in the Marinara Sauce since summer has an allergy 
towards milk. Summer has had a reaction to milk summer spoke up and 
said no Mamaw it's Marijuana sauce. I kept my cool so did the young 
waiter thank goodness!! 

Once when my two grandsons were going to visit there other grandma. The
youngest Caleb said. Joeb we don't have to bring our soup cases. Mommy 
why do they call them soup cases. 

Ten-year-old summer was doing some crossword puzzles from some of the
old TV programs when I heard her say who was a Cartwright on the banana 

My daughter lives in Berkley springs WV part of the town is named Bath
because of its healing waters. One day little Caleb said mamaw Berkley 
Springs is named bathtub. 


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