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Dancing (standard:other, 332 words)
Author: cat1Added: Aug 23 2010Views/Reads: 1780/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It was just a little sound that he heard, and he saw her dancing in the bedroom. But it was the way she was dancing that caught his attention.

It was just a little sound, so gentle on the ear. That was what caught
his attention. Walking quietly to the bedroom, he peered in and watched 
her. She was swaying to the music that was softly playing and singing 
the words under her breath with her eyes closed. But it was the way she 
was dancing that caught his attention. She had her arms up as if they 
were around someone's neck, and there was a small smile on her lips. As 
he watched, he saw her smile widen as if someone had said something 
that amused her. Slipping away quietly, he went back to the living room 
and to his movie wondering if maybe she was pretending to be dancing 
with him. It had been a long time since they danced together. Maybe 
later, after the next show went off he would join her. Before long he 
was completely wrapped up in the movie and had forgotten all about her 
and dancing. 

In their bedroom she lowered her arms as the song ended and looked at
the door pensively while slowly sitting down on the bed. She knew he 
had been watching her and had hoped that he would come in and join her. 
But instead he walked away. She knew that asking him to dance with her 
was a waste of time because he would just tell her that he was too busy 
or too tired right now. He had been telling her that for a long time 
now. He was usually too busy or too tired to spend time with her. Still 
she hoped. Oh well, there was no need in wishing for what you can't 
have.  As a new song started, she stood up and closed her eyes. 
Imagining that she was wrapping her arms around the neck of her beloved 
she began dancing. It wasn't the same as really having her husband with 
her but when you're lonely, even a dream can give you some comfort. 


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