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The Guardians of Freedom (standard:other, 8601 words) [1/7] show all parts
Author: Dan TanaUpdated: Jun 14 2012Views/Reads: 1842/1100Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A strange visitor from another dimension wants to protect the people of Earth.

Beyond the boundaries of what you call reality there are many other
spaces, dimensions, and forms of existence.  Well, maybe there are.  
None of you human beings actually know anything about what lies beyond 
the veil of your Earthly existence, because everything that you 
experience in this place is ultimately just an experience of this 
place, so nothing that happens to you here can ever really prove 
whether there is something else out there or nothing at all. 

But I do know that these other places exist, because I come from another
dimension of reality.  Or, maybe I don't.  Maybe the place that I come 
from is really the imagination of some person who lives on this planet 
Earth, which, incidentally, could very well be that other dimension of 
reality.  And you may never know for sure what the truth is.  So it is 
probably best not to worry about such matters, and just enjoy the story 
that I am going to tell you. 

Anyway, some of these places that may or may not exist are very much
like the space you inhabit, and some are even hospitable to creatures 
like you, while others are stranger than anything that you can 
comprehend.  I am certain of that because I have used the scanner in my 
head to view the thoughts and memories of your minds, and I can see 
that you have no frame of reference with which to conceptualize and 
understand certain aspects of my native dimension, where I was created 
by an immeasurably ancient race of beings who I will refer to as the 

No, that statement about the immeasurable ancientness of the Goo is not
an exaggeration, or a figurative expression, as I can see that some of 
you assume it must be. It's a literal fact: the exact magnitude of the 
duration of the existence of this race cannot be measured, because time 
does not function in their space as it does here. 

It is also no exaggeration to say that the Goo are, in general, the
nicest, friendliest bunch of people that I have ever met, which is both 
cause and consequence of the fact that they devote most of their 
thoughts and energy to the purpose of having fun and producing 

That is why they built me  for the sole purpose of bringing happiness
to one of them who has a particular fondness for playing silly games 
and petting fluffy things.  So I am, essentially, what you would call a 
toy, although the term playmate is also applicable. 

Now some of you are incorrectly assuming that those Goo who constructed
me just for the sake of another being probably did so without much 
concern for my own well-being, which is synonymous with my overall 
level of happiness.  But their sensibility is such that they consider 
my happiness to be just as important as the wishes and well-being of 
anyone else.  In fact, unlike many human beings, they would have found 
it utterly unconscionable, and even recognize it as a criminal act, for 
anyone to subject me to this existence just to gratify their own 
desires if they could not be reasonably certain that I would be 
fundamentally happy. 

So they deigned me to require minimal material resources, which are all
abundantly available to me, and made me feel no physical discomfort.  
They also gave me a cheerful, optimistic temperament, and programmed me 
with interests and a personality that makes me the perfect companion 
for my intended friend, so that it would bring me immense, profound 
happiness to use my consciousness just playing with, amusing, and 
caring for that Goo. 

As my constructors had anticipated, the pseudo-spatial nexus at which
the existence of my buddy and I intersected expanded into many segments 
with a highly exciting and enjoyable resonance, which, basically, just 
means that we had a lot of fun playing together. 

We particularly enjoyed taking trips to a place where collections of
trans- dimensional enclosures have been assembled to allow the Goo to 
observe the inhabitants of other spaces.  Scattered among these 
enclosures are white holes that have been modulated to emit tasty but 
nutritionally deficient consumables and fairly useless objects that 
somehow pertain to the residents of the dimensions on display. 

On one of our trips to this place that you might call a zoo - though in

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