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Donkey and Elephant Show (standard:Satire, 614 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Oct 26 2010Views/Reads: 5164/1728Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A political satire on current political situation in USA

Donkey and Elephant Show Subba Rao 

“Me, a donkey the symbol for a major political party?” “I am not even
native to this land,” “It is like a foreign born becoming the President 
of this country,” pondered Jack, a donkey on the main land. 

“Well, donkey, in the land of immigrants, the donkeys and the elephants,
represent the true American spirit of inclusiveness,” Eddy the elephant 
raised his trunk above its head in curved angles. My ancestors were 
brought either from Africa or Asia to this land, now I am the mascot 
for a force to reckon with in American politics.” 

“Please don't address me as donkey, call me Jack.” 

“You mean Jackass?” 

“Now you are being mean,” “Shall I call you Mr. Wrinkle or worse Pachy?”


“Good, then let's be civil here, OK.” 

“Alright Jack.” 

“I was reading on the website that Christopher Columbus
brought few donkeys to Americas from Spain in early 1400's, then the 
conquistadors used us to travel around to explore the land.” 

“That was long before we were brought here just to look at us at close.”
“It was sad that the very first elephant brought to this country was 
shot for no reason by an angry man in New England in early 1800's.” 

“Shot to death?” “I will be darn,” Jack licked his nose with long

“Yeah, a fellow got mad with somebody and he shot a nearby elephant,
just like that.” 

“I heard of mad elephants that trample and kill people but not the other
way around.” 

“We the third and fourth generation elephants in American are safe now,”
 “You know if you look different, you attract attention, sometimes too 
much.” Eddy with his large body and wrinkled skin knows that feeling 
very well.” 

“You know how the derogatory word dumbass was unfairly associated with
us donkeys,” “we are known to be less intelligent than people but not 
so, we just act dumb to fool the people.” 

“Of all the animals many native to this land, we the immigrants were
chosen symbols for the main political parties in this country,” why 
asked Eddy loudly, the only way he can communicate. 

“Is it not ironic that you and I projected as comical and idiotic were
chosen as mascots for political parties by the greatest cartoonist 
Thomas Nast, a German American,” Jack gave a big smile with his teeth 


“Yes, he won elections for some presidential candidates too in 1800's
with his wit and wisdom using his cartoons,” 

“Is it not something,” “a cartoonist selected two animals both alien to
this land to ridicule political parties that became party symbols,” 
Eddy tried to scratch his head with is trunk to figure it out. 

“I understand that the first President George Washington allowed several
donkeys to immigrate from Spain and France to upgrade the quality of 
mules in this country.” 


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