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I am a Gypsy (standard:Fan Fiction, 969 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Oct 27 2010Views/Reads: 1504/823Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Gypsy life of a fictional character

I am a Gypsy 

Subba Rao 

“It is hard to pronounce your name you know, never had I got it right in
the first instance, do you mind, if I address you as Dan rather than 

“Not at all, in fact I like that,” said Dhananjayalu, a medium built
man, with razor thin mustache carefully trimmed in a narrow space 
between the upper lip and a nose that looked like a sail boat. His has 
a face of worldly wisdom; evidence of travel, knowledge and quick 
grasp.  Anybody who speaks with Dan for the first time quickly learns 
that he is a man of immense knowledge. 

“Do you know what percentage of state governors In US are of Indian
origin?” asked Dan. 

“Right now there is only one, governor of Louisiana,” replied

“Well, you can add governorship of South Carolina, since it is a
foregone conclusion.” 

“Well then, two state governors are of Indian origin,” concluded

“I would rather say 4 percent of state governors are of Indian origin,
that sounds better than mere number 2,” concluded Dan.  Right there, 
one can see the wisdom in Dan. 

“I was brought to work for a family in their duty-free gift stores in
the Caribbean; from Bahamas to Aruba.  It was like a modern day 
indentureship. They promised one day I would have my own gift shop and 
have my own indenture labor from India, but after several years of 
labor, my equity in the business was only 5 cents on the dollar, so I 
quit and came to America,” Juggernaut was reflective. 

“Well, you are in the right place; America is the land of
opportunities.” “Here, you work hard, you make money and you keep it to 
yourself,” Dan, repeated the mantra. “Look how an Indian American woman 
about to became governor of a conservative state.” “People outside 
India knew very little of Indian history, you know,” “centuries back, 
even before the formation of the United States, Canada and all those 
countries that boast equal rights for women In their societies, women 
ruled independent kingdoms in India.” 

“I read that in the history books.” 

“Well, hang this sign outside our business establishment,” said Dan
handing over a large sign board that read “American owned and Operated” 
to Juggernaut. 

“Why we need to display this?” 

“America is all about proclamations,” said Dan looking at Juggernaut
from side of his eye. “You know emancipation proclamation by Lincoln, 
don't you?” this time Dan's left eye looked down upon Juggernaut while 
his right eye remained in steady state; how many people can operated 
their eyes independent of each other. 

“Yeah, yeah, I have been reading a lot on American History for my
upcoming citizenship test.” 

“Here in American we have to proclaim our strength and values constantly
to remind people out there who we are.” Say for example, “we are the 
richest and strongest nation in the world,” “there are over 50 million 
people are on the waiting list to get immigration to the United 
States,” the smartest people in the world wants to come to the United 
States,” “Given a choice, every doctor in the world wants to practice 
medicine in America.” 

“So, you are proclaiming to the world out there that you are an American
and running a business as an American.” 

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