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C-SAP (standard:non fiction, 789 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Oct 29 2010Views/Reads: 1561/950Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An essay on greenhouse gases and its control to protect the environment.

C-SAP  By Subba Rao 

“I wonder how much carbon dioxide the growing population over 6 billion
people on earth are exhaling each day,” Juggernaut was curious. 

“we just recycle carbon dioxide back and forth from air, so we don'
generate carbon dioxide during breathing; the problem is the quantity 
of petroleum fuels the growing population use that emit carbon into the 
atmospheres,”  said Professor Think Tank or in short Prof TT, an 
academician turned consultant. 

“How much carbon is released from burning o gallon of gas?” 

“Around 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is emitted from burning a gallon of

“Man, that's lot of carbon.” “I burnt lot of gas in my life time, some
of it for no reason at all, just driving around,” Juggernaut was 

“But how much carbon is there in the atmosphere at any given time?”
Juggernaut inquired. 

“Roughly around 750 billion tons of carbon is out there in the

“I understand that sea water in the oceans acts as sink hole for carbon,
am I right,” inquired Juggernaut. 

“True, around 200 billion tons of carbon is absorbed into oceans and
biosphere each year.” 

“What happens to the millions of tons of carbon that is released into
the atmosphere each day from burning petroleum fuels?” 

“It will add to the 750 billion tons of carbon already in the atmosphere
to further heat up the earth, the so called greenhouse gas effect.” 

“The vegetation in the forest use lot of carbon dioxide during
photosynthesis, right?” 

“It is part of the biosphere carbon absorption with ocean absorption
amounts to 200 billion tons of carbon per year.” 

“Can we make oceans absorb more carbon than the present rate of

“Perhaps we can increase it by pumping carbon dioxide directly into the

Does renewable alternate energy sources could replace fossil fuels
usage? Juggernaut inquired. 

“never,” said Prof TT 

“Well, France depends on nuclear power for over 75% of their energy

“For small countries, nuclear option is too expensive and risky.” “A
combination of renewable and fossil fuels are only choice.” 

“Then how to handle hundreds of millions of tons of carbon released
every day into the atmosphere that's ransacking the climate?” 

“The bulk of carbon has to be trapped at the point source where it is
emitted such as at power plants, then the fugitive carbon has to be 
trapped into sea water and some chemically altered into form that can 
be recycled.” 


“With growing world population, we can't afford to increase land under
forest for trees to absorb carbon dioxide.” 

“Without more trees, how we can trap ever increasing levels of carbon in

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