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Am I Thinking Stupid or What (standard:non fiction, 1215 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Oct 29 2010Views/Reads: 1347/738Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A self introspection by a frustated individual about life events.

Am I Thinking Stupid or What 

Subba Rao 

We recycle fat into animal feed to fatten the animals. The animal fat is
fattening people to sickness. Why recycle fat into animal feed in the 
first place. I don't get it. 

The doctors are recycling body fat to refill and beef up shrinking body
surfaces. Why feed on fat in the first place? 

A week in hospital for a routine surgery costs around 40,000 dollars
more than average annual salary in the Unites States.  If an average 
family of 5 pays an annual health insurance premium of 15,000 dollars, 
how an insurance company can pay 40,000 dollars per a surgery in one 
year and cover other medical expenses for the rest of the family for 
the entire year Sooner or later the system should go broke. . I don't 
get it. 

Why the inflation in medical and education business is 10 to 20 times
higher than national inflation rate? Why can't they provide services in 
these industries at national average inflation rate? I don't get it. 

Can't we maintain steady standard of living without producing and
consuming too much stuff?  Why we have to buy too much stuff to keep 
the economy going as a means of employment. I don't get it. 

The average annual health insurance premium for a self employed family
is around $17,000.  It is expected to be around $25,000 in couple of 
years. May be one should consider death as a cheaper alternative.  You 
get it. 

A senator announces that he is not going for re-election after two or
three terms in the office since nothing could be accomplished in highly 
partisan legislature. Why he didn't resign in protest after 3 or 4 
years in his first term. Had he did it, it could have done more good to 
the politics and for the people. I don't get it. If congressmen keep 
resigning from their posts in protest in middle of their terms, 
something good will happen to the legislation. 

Do we have to manufacture 15 million cars per year to keep the economy
going? Can we cut it down to half and still maintain the economy? The 
experts say no. I don't get it. 

Some experts say America can survive without manufacturing jobs. How?  I
don't get it. 

Hundred of millions of dollars were allocated to the community colleges
nationwide to retrain the unemployed people for new skills.  Good. How 
many people were really benefitted from this program after spending 
millions of dollars? I don't get it. 

Why employ people to resurface excellent roads in good shape. Is not
gross waste of materials and man-hours?  Well, experts say that's one 
way of providing employment.  Knocking down good structures to rebuilt 
the same? I don't get it. 

Just over 4 million home owners cannot pay their mortgages or in risk of
losing their homes, why build more homes.  To keep the economy going? I 
don't get it. 

Those 10 million jobs lost during this great recession and 10 million
under employed would never get a job equivalent to the job they lost.  
Like over stocked goods on sale at cut rate prices, these people could 
only get minimum wage jobs, if at all.  You get it. 

Have you attended any inspiration speeches by a celebrity? Well, the
only person benefit is the celebrity's pocket book. You get it. 

With over 12 trillion dollars in foreign debt and over 25 trillion
unfunded dollars for domestic social entitlement programs, if 
politicians declare that we are the richest nation in the world.  What 
were they thinking? I don't get it. 

If one takes into consideration, the amount of emissions emitted into

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