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Found a Gold Ring (standard:travel stories, 1454 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Oct 30 2010Views/Reads: 1599/968Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story on travel to Hawaii on vacation

Found a Gold Ring 


Subba Rao 

Waikiki beach, read so much about it, for so long, I am here now,
thought Juggernaut stepping onto the beach.  The fine white sand was 
soft to walk on but the water was cold, true it was January but in 
Hawaii, with air temperatures in 80's, one would expect tolerable water 
temperature, not so.  Nevertheless, he got into water; the bottom is 
littered with volcanic rocks of all sizes, some with sharp edges. He 
placed his steps carefully in the water to avoid stepping on sharp 
stones.  In contrast to Jamaican beaches, Waikiki beach was a wash. 

In the evening hours, Waikiki was like walking on the strip in Las
Vegas; glittering shops, fantastic high-end malls, expensive 
restaurants and scores of gift stores.  With over 80% of the visitors 
from the Far East, it was almost like visiting a country in Far East. 

A walk to the Diamond Head State Monument was challenging. But once
reached to the top, the view of Waikiki beach was spectacular.  As a 
bonus, met with Mr. Balaji, a Bengali Babu employed with Parks and 
Recreation Department. Twice a week Mr. Balaji climbs to the top, a 
strenuous walk of over 45 minutes, a combination of rough road and 
steep steps through tunnels. Once reached, he sits there comfortably to 
greet the visitors that make to the top.  Kind of roughing it out, just 
twice a week, he said.  Not bad at all thought Juggernaut and took a 
photo op with him. 

A visit to Boyodo-In Buddhist temple at Valley of Temples Memorial Park
was a beautiful experience.  Inside the Boyodo-In Temple is a 
nineteen-foot Lotus Buddha. It is the largest wooden Buddha carved in 
over 900 years and is covered in gold and lacquer. Beside the temple is 
a 5-foot, three-ton brass Peace Bell. The deep tone of the bell sounds 
a message of calm and peace.  There are several ponds full of colorful 
fish and doves that can be fed from palm of a hand. 

The most obvious site nobody will miss to visit was Arizona Memorial at
Pearl Harbor.  After the visit, one can understand the anguish 
Americans felt when over 3000 sailors died suddenly without a chance to 
fight bravely with the enemy. A walk through submarine exhibit was also 

A drive on Kalanianaole Highway on southeast coast of Oahu was an
opportunity to see the best beaches and panoramic coast line.  One can 
have an inexpensive lunch at one of the roadside café on Kalanianaole. 
A scenic drive reaches Pali Lookout to view beautiful valley from the 

Staying at Hilo on Big Island was a true Hawaiian experience since
majority of natives live in Hilo whereas Kuna coast caters mostly 
tourists with golf courses and shopping malls. Over 100 inches of rain 
at Hilo makes it a tropical rain forest environment.  Tropical flower 
trees Hibiscus and bougainvilleas of all colors line the streets.  
Large Banyan trees are abundant around Liliuokalani Park; apparently 
Banyan tree was introduced into Hilo from India long time ago. 

While walking in Liliuokalani Park adjacent to the hotel, Juggernaut met
Mr. Dey. “Are you from India,” asked a distinguished looking man 
walking along with his wife and a humongous dog. “Yes, we are,” replied 
Juggernaut. After introductions and small talk, it was understood that 
Mr. Dey was originally from Bengal in India, after working over three 
decades with a battery making company in Boston, he came to Hilo to 
spend his rest of his life. “May be you can spare a long lasting 
lithium battery for my camcorder,” joked Juggernaut. 

“Well, I don't have a battery with me now but I have over 60 patents in
lithium battery technology, you know,” replied Mr. Dey. The couple 
after spending several years at Cape Cod after retirement came down to 
Hilo to join their daughter working for a medical facility.  Juggernaut 
departed Mr. and Mrs. Dev with their dog and continued his walk in the 
park while his wife was photographing everything living and nonliving. 

A visit to Volcanic National Park was a memorable experience

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