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Crime Scene (standard:other, 1613 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 01 2010Views/Reads: 1660/983Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Self introspection of two two fictional characters

Crime Scene 


Subba Rao 

Part One 

I landed in the United States on a student visa, later got a job and
then a green card to permanently live in US, then became an American 
citizen, got married to a woman from my own clan from my old country.  
I am originally a refugee from my native land where we were persecuted 
for our religious believes, so our clan migrated to a neighboring 
country. There we became a prosperous business class and yet hate the 
locals as savages and idol worshippers particularly those from the 
south as darkies and ugly, but smart. 

I work at a corporate office of a large company and travel across the
country on a regular basis. I have a company credit card to cover my 
travel expenses.  I wish I could eat rich food and drink on company 
money like my colleagues at trendy restaurants but I can't because of 
my poor stomach, I throw up if I sip scotch and eat filet mignon , so I 
settle for salad and soup, poor me. 

I am a control freak, I don't want any assistant, I am afraid he may
take my job but then our company expanded to a point I was forced to 
hire an assistant.  The new assistant was like me, an immigrant but 
highly qualified and was super smart, that's the problem I was faced 

For the first six months after I was forced to employ my assistant, I
gave no projects to him. He came everyday and read old files and some 
correspondence.  I thought he will fed up, get bored and leave the job 
on his own, so nobody would blame me.  But then, the fellow never got 
bored, he came every day right on time, as matter of fact, he was the 
first to come to work, rain or shine; even in a blizzard, he came right 
on time when most of the staff of over 80 people  came late and some 
never showed up. 

I heard rumors in the office that I was keeping my assistant idle
intentionally, so I started giving him tough assignments to manage.  He 
was meticulous and thorough; he accomplished all and asked for more 
work. But then, it occurred to me that I could benefit from his hard 
work.  I took credit from his work, keeping him in the dark.  When it 
time for annual evaluation, I gave him high marks but gave a small 
annual increment, if any.  After several years of donkey work at low 
pay, somehow, he came to know that he was the least paid employee in 
the office.  To my surprise, one day he confronted me for a raise.  I 
played safe and gave him a big raise though well below the going market 
rate for his position.  I just don't want him succeed.  I kept him away 
from my bosses so that they may not recognize his abilities. I made a 
six figure salary and a large bonus check every year. I made a million 
from my stock options but my assistant was not even aware of stock 
options and I didn't tell him. 

I want my two children to go to medical school, that's a sure shot for
good living for them.  I don't want them like me, being a yes-man and a 
suck up. 

I have to constantly watch my assistant so that he won't come to lime
light and yet at the same time I have to impress my bosses to get 
myself promoted.  This act was consuming me and killing me from inside, 
I have a poor stomach. My stomach is only good in producing excess acid 
though my temperament is caustic. 

Irrespective of the final outcome, I am a “yes-man” to the company boss
and the board of directors.  I allowed projects knowingly that violated 
regulations.  But then, when hell broke loose, all those bosses whose 
ass I kissed for years tried to screw me.  I was lucky I did not go to 
jail and got off easy on technicality.  My assistant, if he wants, 
could have testified what he knew truthfully in the court, that could 
have send me for good with handcuffs.  But, he didn't, with all the 
injustice I inflicted on him, he was kind. Am I indebted to him? Hell 
no.  What if my children would have a boss like me? I don't think about 

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