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Terra Woman (standard:Fan Fiction, 999 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 01 2010Views/Reads: 1474/881Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A graduate student attempts to write a calypso with inspiration from an unlikely sad character.

Terra Woman 


Subba Rao 

“You should write a calypso,” said Mahabir, a tall, lanky, fair skinned
East Indian technician. 

“Me?” Juggernaut was surprised. 


“I have trouble writing a research paper, let alone a calypso.” 

“Most Calypsonians were common folks, some never went to school, you
know,” said Mahabir in a matter of fact way. 

“How about calypsonian Chalkdust?” 

“Well, he was a teacher.” Mahabir agreed. 

“You lived in Trinidad long enough to write a calypso.” Mahabir was

After several days trying to concentrate, Juggernaut came out empty in
writing a single line. 

“Every time I try writing lyrics for calypso, Hari Om Sharan Hindu
Bhajans comes to mind,” complained Juggernaut. 

“Boy, all you think is about Bhajans and Bigan Bhajji you know,”
ridiculed Mahabir. 

“I know, I just can't get rid of Hari Om Sharan Bhajans, they stuck in
my mind,”  “I hope he will drop some lines for me to write a calypso.” 

“To write a calypso you have to get into a mood,” said Mahabir lighting
a Broadway cigarette, his favorite brand, strong but a cheap brand. 

“Shall I smoke a cigarette to get into mood?” 

“No, boy, you have to think about women,” “Calypso is all about love and
women.” Mahabir let stream of dense smoke out through his nostrils. 


“Instead sitting at your desk, stand near the window and watch the girls
walk by,” “Look so many pretty girls walking towards the computer 
center,” said Mahabir rushing towards the large window next to the PH 

“Just looking at girls won't create any lyrics in my mind,” Juggernaut
ran behind Mahabir to watch the girls. 

“No, but then you get into a mood to concentrate and then lyrics will
follow.”  “Let me tell you, it is like inoculating culture media with 
Rhizobium in a Petri dish,” Mahabir was known for his inoculating 
skills in the lab, even senior scientists seek his help to grow pure 

“I don't know, Hari Om Sharan still lingers in my mind.” 

“Girls will slowly replace Hari Om Sharan, keep watching girls.” Mahabir
walked away to his lab next door. 

After several attempts writing lyrics in between distillations and
titrations, Juggernaut wrote a few lyrics for calypso. 

“Mahabir, I wrote a calypso, you want to hear?” shouted Juggernaut from
his desk to Mahabir in the next room. 

“Let me hear,” Mahabir came running. 

Juggernaut started reading:  “Your skin is as soft as Aripo fine sand.” 

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