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Rebel Part One (standard:drama, 3822 words)
Author: BC GrantAdded: Nov 01 2010Views/Reads: 1869/1135Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about how a person in a bad situation can change from a young boy to a killer and then to a secret agent



This story is to the best of my knowledge, a work of fact and not
fiction, one must realise however that I am writing this story from the 
journal of “ Paul ”, so some events could have perhaps happened as they 
have been told here, also some of the events in this story, are 
hauntingly similar to some real events in South Africa's and the 
World's history, I ask that the reader will forgive me for taking a few 
liberties with certain of the events and adapting some of the times and 
dates of these events, to coincide with my story. One must also realise 
that, as I am telling a story that was told to me, by the “hero” in the 
tale, it is possible that I have maybe forgotten to add a portion here, 
or have further omitted to erase a portion there, but I ask that you 
read on with an open mind and that after you have finished reading the 
book, that you will sit back looking at the closed cover in front of 
you and say: ‘Hell, could that have happened? I wonder if it is true?' 
Do that, and I will feel that I have done my job. This is a story about 
Paul Walker, a young boy, in fact almost a man, who under extreme 
circumstances and pressures, has to grow up very quickly, or should we 
say too fast, and as a result of his premature coming of age, finds 
himself trapped in circumstances that swing right out of control... it 
is a sad story, but a true one, for this writer knows “Paul” well and 
considers “Paul” to be a friend... this story is being told with 
“Paul's” permission, however to protect “ Paul ” and his family, names 
and some places have been changed to ensure that his identity remains 
guarded. BC GRANT Cape Town 2010-10-31 

1-   Friday 18 April 1982: early morning to 11 a.m. ‘ I feel as if I am
confined, as if the whole world is against me, if I don't get out of 
this trap that I find myself in, I feel as if I am going to explode, 
and if I do so, then I am afraid that I will not be able to control 
what will happen, I have lost control once before, and I am afraid to 
say that I was during that period responsible for someone's death, it 
happened when I was taken to a “survival camp” in New York, we were 
dumped on the streets and made to fend for ourselves, I and about 
eleven other kids, all children from rich families, whose fathers had 
heard of the “survival camp” and who wanted their up until now spoilt 
kids, to see if they would be able to make ends meet, should they be 
forced to make their own way in life, each participant had a minder, a 
streetwise guy who would follow their assigned kid around, to make sure 
that nothing bad happened to them, as the object of the survival course 
was to build character, not destroy it. My shadow was good, but he 
started to piss me off right from the beginning, and when I get pisses 
off, boy then sparks fly. After the second day, I left him in an alley, 
his blood soaking into the tarmac, then I had my freedom to do as I 
pleased, I came out tops on that course, I have heard that they are 
still looking for, and wondering where my minder disappeared to. The 
way I felt that day, when I killed that guy, well that's the way I feel 
now, I am scared that it will consume me, what am I going to do if it 
happens again? ‘ (From the diary of Paul Walker) 

Paul Walker was usually a well-behaved young gentleman, as his private
school masters liked to call their young charges. Paul was born in Cape 
Town, South Africa, to Jak (Jack) and Mossie (Sparrow), who in turn had 
been born of original Afrikaner stock. In fact it was well documented 
that elements of Jack's family had in fact trekked (known as the Great 
Trek, when hundreds of Afrikaner families, decided to pack everything 
they owned onto ox-wagons, and to leave the Cape Colony, to settle in 
other regions of Southern Africa.) With the Volk (People), when it was 
felt that the British ‘invaders', had caused too many decent people, 
too much hardship, in the days of the old Cape colony. It was Jak's 
forefathers who had help establish the Transvaal republic, with Paul 
Kruger, or Oom Paul (Uncle Paul), as the people closest to him knew 
him. To shorten, what could end up as a long story, it is important to 
mention, that Jak, after making a success in the business field, moved 
to Cape Town, with his wife Mossie. It was shortly after their arrival 
in the mother city, that Paul was born, named naturally, as had been 
promised to Jak's father and mother, after Paul Kruger, the by then, 
long dead president of the Transvaal Republic. Paul was a normal 
healthy baby boy, and right from the time of his birth in 1963, Jak and 
Mossie decided that in order that Paul be able to take over his 
father's business one day, in the not too distant future, Paul would 
have to be sent to a school, that taught all lessons in the English 

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