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Gate Keepers (standard:non fiction, 2045 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 14 2010Views/Reads: 1677/906Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An essay on misguided people trying to implement their own agenda.

Gate Keepers 

Subba Rao 

Chitragupta was a modern day version of record keeper in Hindu
mythology. He would record every activity of every human being from 
birth to death on this universe. It is more like the detailed minutes 
recorded in a directors meeting of a big corporation or a stenographer 
in the court that would record the proceedings of a trial case in 
detail. Chitragupta's records include: good and bad deeds, kind and 
cruel acts, generosity and miserly motives, corrupt and honest motives, 
either exhibition of bigotry or tolerance towards others, and every act 
about the person during the span of his/her entire life. This massive 
data processing had been taking place well before the advent of 
computer spreadsheet technology or the use of a super computer. 

Immediately after death, the collected information on the dead person
was presented in a format with all the positive and negative deeds in 
separate columns with a final score. The score card was then presented 
to the king of “Naraka Lokha” (king of hell) named Yamadharma Raja, an 
impeccable and impartial judge for evaluation of the score cards. 

The final judgement to send the spirit (soul) of a dead person to either
the Swarga Loka (paradise), a retreat with all the luxuries for those 
who had a net positive points or to the Naraka Loka or hell where the 
punishment fits the crime depending on the negative points accumulated 
was completely in the hands of Yamadharma Raja. 

Once the spirit serves the appropriate punishment, Yamadharma Raja would
then reconsider the fate of the spirit for a parole to send either to 
the Swarga Loka or back to the Naraka Loka, if the spirit was a tough 
cookie, and was not remorseful even after he went through a rigorous 
punishment. Until the spirit received the full penance for the sins 
committed on earth by fulfilling all the prescribed punishments, the 
spirit won't be transferred to the Swargha Loka (paradise) or the 

The entire operation was known to run like a well-greased machine since
it had to accommodate millions of persons born and die every day on 
earth. Fortunately, the spirit or soul had no body, therefore did not 
occupy physical space per se in either Swarga Loka or Naraka Loka. All 
this was written in the ancient scriptures. The notoriety of Yamadharma 
Raja for his truthfulness, and Chitragupta for meticulous record 
keeping was well established so much that they became examples for all 
youngsters to follow while growing up to maintain personal morality, 
and true professionalism with objectivity. 

Chitragupta, the accountant kept the record of various deeds of each
person, and assigned either positive (+) or negative (-) points for 
good, and bad deed respectively. For example, people who committed or 
were responsible for mass murders or genocide received the highest 
negative points, and also committing war crimes in disguise. Murders, 
rapes, thefts, other criminal activities, adopting apartheid, 
segregation or discrimination policies, political mudslinging, spousal 
abuse etc. received appropriate negative points. On the positive side, 
saving somebody's life received highest points followed by other good 
deeds like serving humanity, being truthful, selfless donations etc. 

Bigamy is legal in some religions, but illegal in others. Eating beef
could be a sin for some Hindus but not for others. Drinking alcohol is 
prohibited in some religions, and in others it is acceptable. Gambling 
is against the belief in some religion while in others it is officially 
recognized as sin and punished. These are serious differences between 
people of various religions, races and cultures on earth but the duo of 
Chirtragupta and Yamadharma Raja do not take these differences into 
consideration in imposing punishment on spirit or soul of dead people 
since they only kept the record of bad and good deeds against or 
towards humanity and not bogged down with the cultural or racial 
beliefs among the people. Obviously, human sacrifice was a crime 
against humanity though practiced in ancient cultures. Corporate 
cheating of its' workers health or retirement benefits was considered 
as a negative deed. Political double talk and mudslinging during 
election campaign gathered negative points as well. 

A professor I met years ago was totally unlike any of the truthful duo.

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