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Dharma on Three Legs (standard:other, 3016 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 16 2010Views/Reads: 1797/1199Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A sad story on corruption



Subba Rao 

When dharma or fairness or truth is standing on all its' four legs,
means that everybody is on a level playing field or getting a fair 
shake. If one or more legs were missing or broken, dharma limps until 
somebody comes along to fix it, and that person is God who reincarnates 
either in human and even in animal shape or form. Since dharma has a 
tendency to get hurt by evil forces and lose its leg(s), God 
reincarnates again and again in disguise to fight evil on earth and 
reinstall dharma to serve the humanity even handedly. This is Hindu 
philosophy in brief. 

Both dharma and evil co-exist in each person. When evil overtakes dharma
in a person and threatens the entire society, God interferes to set 
things right. Lord Krishna is God reincarnated in the form of a wise 
man to advise the five dethroned Pandava princes to regain their 
rightful kingdom from their 100 evil despot cousins, in the process, 
all the evil cousins with their associates were annihilated. The birth, 
life and death of Lord Krishna were shrouded in mystery but his 
intentions were crystal clear  to destroy the evil on earth. On 
completing his task, Lord Krishna died in a freak accident in a forest 
when a tribal mistakenly killed him with bow and arrow. Perhaps, a self 
orchestrated departure from the earth on completing his assignment to 
restore dharma. 

Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela could be considered as God
reincarnated in human form to help the  humanity. 

Successful CEOs or Presidents of major corporations responsible for
increasing the profitability are referred to as  turn- around-managers 
would not be on the list of reincarnations. Similarly, politicians that 
grab personal claim for their country's prosperity or victory in wars 
are definitely no-no for the consideration either. 

What necessitates God to reincarnate again and again on earth in either
human or animal form depends on the severity of the situation.  When 
the vicious king Ravana was in the verge of engulfing the entire 
kingdom with his lustful attitude towards women, God reincarnated 
himself as Lord Rama on earth to destroy him. The crimes committed by 
King Ravana were beyond simple sin to wait until his normal death to be 
sent to hell for punishment by Yama Dharma Raja, the arbitrator in 
heaven (as per Hindu philosophy), therefore God reincarnated himself as 
Lord Rama to destroy King Ravana to re-establish peace on earth. 

On a personal level, at one time or another, every person would find
himself in a situation where a stranger comes to his rescue; like 
giving a ride to someone on a lonely road, free meal, medication or 
shelter. We always thank the person and god for the good deed.  In all 
these situations, the goodwill or godliness in the person is 
recognized.  In contrast, the feeling of betrayal if a person's rights 
were violated are expressed in several ways. In many societies, the 
laws of the land rescue the victims. If the judiciary is prejudiced or 
there was no legal recourse, then the victims would turn to god hoping 
that the almighty god punishes the perpetrator in due course. 

People in a small town named Allipuram were exactly in the above
situation hoping to see the day of reckoning of Babu. Almost 30 years 
ago, Babu came to Allipuram from nowhere.  His past was sketchy and 
shrouded in mystery. Rumor was that he planted rumors to create mystery 
around himself to promote his stature. As the story goes, he was a big 
time contractor who lost money in gambling, made money in tobacco 
business, produced movies, and introduced several stars to the industry 
but lost money to the heroines who seduced him, and the list goes on. 

At Allipuram, Babu occupied a huge bungalow promising its owner, an old
businessman in a serious financial debacle that he would help him 
through covert operations to get him out of his financial troubles. The 
old man died suddenly from heart attack thus allowing Babu to live 
comfortably in the mansion. This was thirty years ago, since then Babu 
has been living in the mansion as the de facto owner by forging the 
documents of ownership. 

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