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OPPORTUNITIES (standard:other, 698 words)
Author: Cloud_Number_9Added: Mar 29 2001Views/Reads: 2476/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's all about opportunities, they come and go..only the best can retain them...


Not very often we realize the importance of opportunities in life. In
fact, not many of us know what an opportunity actually means. All we 
understand is to grab one, which comes our way, and lead the way again 
as life is. There are different kinds of opportunities, which are 
self-created and the one, which comes our way on its own. 

An opportunity that comes your way is a little easy to deal with. All
you have to do is to keep on the right track and keep on improving. But 
an opportunity that you create needs a lot of homework and constant 

It's like a child going to school who keeps hopes and has certain
dreams. Such a child is dependent on parents, educationists, society 
and a lot of  other factors for his/her growth and development. So is 
the case of an opportunity that you create. You sit and jot down the 
finer points after discussing with yourself and other people, as to 
what is that you actually want. Based on the feedback that you get and 
what your mind allows, you have to work out priorities in life and 
create a platform for yourself. 

Here you  think of the pros and cons & the various factors that may
develop or hamper your career path. At times, you come across people, 
who have come across this way  and it depends on you how you harness 
information from them and utilize it to the best. 

This is where you nurture your contacts and try and deal with 
situations. At this stage we try our best to be seen with successful 
people and most of the times forget to absorb their way of working and 
thinking. Most of the times when these people are not able to provide 
you solutions because of their own time constraints or nature, you feel 
disheartened and get off the track. But the idea is to make yourself 
comfortable with the world and to understand that the entire world will 
not be comfortable with you. Let us have the explaination with a simple 
example. Consider a family with two kids. Each one of them behaves 
differently, though born in the same family. Even one child might not 
feel comfortable with the other one. 

And so there will be critics, there will be differences of opinions and
yet there will be no response at times, but the work must go on. That 
is where you get a feeling that you have to make things happen and not 
leave them the way they are. 

Your focus now is to get across people and understand their frame of
mind, thereby improving your own scope of work. Here is when you make 
an action plan for your development and sustain pressures from critic's 
etc. If you feel that the situation is still difficult to handle, try 
and take help of the people around you. Yes, there will be too many 
answers, but then it's again your final decision. Nobody can force you 
to take his/her own decision. 

But remember the fact that there has to be conclusions drawn before you
make a final decision. 

Given with the society we are into and what we can give to the world,
there has to be a clear demarcation line between your expectations and 
actual outcome. It's not wrong to think too big, provided you have or 
can create the resources required.  And once you decide and get into 
the mainstream, you personally feel that you will be able to organize 
resources and nurture them. This is where you will be able to 
understand the exact meaning of an opportunity and how good it is for 

What all you need to live a balanced life: 

Read the best literature and magazines and keep yourself aware of
current affairs and events. 

Be socially active, have lots of friends but a few confidants. 

Be active intellectually, all you need to do is to have many interests. 

Read, watch, observe and learn. 

Have fun and enjoy yourself. 

Bear a good sense of humor, particularly in laughing at yourself and not
at others expense. 

Bear a healthy regard and honesty for yourself


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