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Collection of Thoughts from Hindu Mystics - Part IV (standard:non fiction, 2552 words) [4/4] show all parts
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 27 2010Views/Reads: 1158/985Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Collection of thoughts from Sri Aurobindo and Mother

Collection of Thoughts from Hindu Mystics  Part IV 

Subba Rao 


How to handle and annihilate difficulties in life? 

Only Supreme Grace can annihilate difficulties but to attain Supreme
Grace: (1) There must be a total and sincere surrender. (2) There must 
be exclusive Self Opening to the Divine Power (3) There must be 
constant and integral choice of the Truth (4) Constant and integral 
rejection of the falsehood of the mental, vital and physical power. 

Surrender: The surrender must be total and seize all the parts of the
being. Every time the surrender was is not real or partial, the Divine 
Grace will getaway. The surrender must be self made and free; it must 
be the surrender of a living being not of an inert automation or 
mechanical tool. 

An inert passivity is constantly confused with real surrender, but out
of an inert passivity, nothing true and powerful can come. It is the 
inert passivity that leaves at the mercy of every obscure or un-divine 
influence (for example, cult leaders like Jim Jones and some Swamiji 
(s) to whom some people surrender blindly.) 

Self Opening: If you open yourself on one side or in one part to the
Truth and on another side are constant openings to the gates to hostile 
forces, it is vain to expect that the Divine Grace will abide by you. 

Truth: If you call for the Truth and yet something in you chooses what
is false, ignorant and un-divine or unwilling to reflect it altogether, 
then always you will be open to attack and the Grace will recede from 

Detect first what is false or obscure in you and persistently reject it,
and then alone can you rightly call for the Divine Power to transform 

Do not imagine that the truth and falsehood, light and darkness,
surrender and selfishness can be allowed to dwell together in the house 
consecrated to the Divine. 

The true attitudes (active surrender, open yourself to truth, rejection
of falsehood and selfishness) and only those can take and keep it, 
preserve a faith unshaken by disappointments and difficulties and shall 
pass through the ordeal to the Supreme Victory. 

To walk through life armored against all fear, peril and disaster, only
two things are needed, the two that goes always together (1) The Grace 
of the Divine Mother (2) On your side an innerstate made up of Faith, 
Sincerity and Surrender. 

Faith must be pure, candid and perfect, devoid of egoistic faith tainted
by ambition, pride, vanity, mental arrogance, personal demand and 
desires of petty satisfaction. 

Sincerity and Surrender be genuine and total when you give yourself,
give completely without demand, without condition, without reservation 
so that all in you shall belong to Divine Mother and nothing be left to 
the ego or any other power. 

The more complete your faith, sincerity and surrender, the more will
Grace and Protection be with you. 


Money is the visible sign of a universal force, and this force in its
manifestation on earth works on the vital and Physical Planes. 

The seekers or keepers of wealth are more often possessed rather than
its possessors. For this reason, most spiritual disciplines insist on 
complete self control, detachment and renunciation of all bondage to 
wealth and of all personal and egoistic desire for its possession. 

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