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Life (standard:other, 526 words)
Author: Cloud_Number_9Added: Mar 30 2001Views/Reads: 2506/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Everyday life has something more to your eyes...don't stay behind..!

Most of the times we find ourselves in situations wherein we donít find
any solution to our woes. It happens in everyoneís life and then we 
learn & live like ever before. Thatís the law of nature as said by 
Charles Dickens. 

People come and go in our lives, some have reasons, some donít,
relations break and we start anew, hoping for the best things to come 
to our lives. We donít forget our crazy dreams and dream so much that 
we forget, miss and waste a lot of time. We normally realize the 
importance of something until it is taken away from us. Not giving in 
the very best to our capabilities. 

What we should try and do is look around. No paradise has got all that
we are looking for. That doesnít mean to stop hoping for a better life 
and feeling lonesome. We just have to forget our crazy dreams for the 
love that canít exist, all-short-lived  moments and hopes. We should 
try and identify situations and consider ourselves into situations 
which are good, bad and what worse that could have happened. 

Believe it or not, you will always find yourself in a better position
than yesterday. We can keep faith and truth inside us, if we only try. 
We need to believe that we did the best, rather in believing what 
others have to say about us, not blaming things on anyone as the best 
way is to forget and forgive. Only we know whatís best for us. 

At times we go out of our ways, to try and pretend for things that donít
even exist, trying to fight with situations, on which we have no 
control. Nothing happens by itself and everything has to be made to 
happen in this world. We can never reach the sun without trying for. 
Whether we try hard or little, and there are times when it doesnít 

Thatís where over a period of time, grown up with age, we realize that
we could have given more, but there is nothing we can do about. Well, 
better luck next time, as this was not the only opportunity you had. 
There are a lot more to come. If you think that opportunity is not 
coming to you or you canít hear it coming towards you, build a door, 
rightly said by someone. There is nothing to really worry about. All 
good things have to happen with time, experience and knowledge. Nothing 
comes on its own by itself. 

We try and compare ourselves with people who we think are in a better
position than us not knowing and accepting the truth that life is not 
easy for anyone, probably they learnt from their mistakes and are 
committed and dedicated to a few things in life. 

If we try to find out at least five things we can call ourselves
committed or dedicated to, we wonít find them, not all five, simply 
because we never thought about them, all the life we kept on thinking 
about lost opportunities and about things that do not exist. Whatever 
exists, we care a little about and end up into the wilderness.


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