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Castle In The Clouds, concluding chapters (standard:drama, 3521 words) [21/21] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Jan 13 2011Views/Reads: 1101/765Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The final two chapters and epilogue of my drama, Castle In The Clouds

Chapter Forty Three 

Veronica Day narrowed her eyes, watched Gibbings panting and saw him
lower his hands to his knees. ‘Once more you hurry to my aid, I thank 
you. How am I going to manage without you?' 

Gibbings fixed her with his brooding stare. ‘You will manage well

Veronica inclined her head and watched Rothman disappear around the
volcanic mound that formed the castle's base. ‘However you need not 
have bothered, I could have fought him off.' 

Gibbings looked derisively. ‘From what I saw that looked bloody

‘There is no need to swear.' Veronica brushed her windswept hair from
her eyes and gazed back to him. ‘I was complacent, that is all.' 

Gibbings bit his lip, but it failed to stem his irritation. ‘You are the
most ignorant, arrogant woman I have ever met. The island will be well 
rid of you.' 

Veronica placed her hands on hips. ‘Is that what you truly think? Is
that your heart speaking now, John Gibbings? Well at least there is 
some fire in your belly.' 

‘Go back to your concert halls Veronica, to your privileged existence
and then this island can return to peace again.' Gibbings swung away 
angrily but she caught his arm and pulled him round to face her. 

‘You speak of ignorance and arrogance, but is that not what you display
now, that you presume these things to be uppermost in my desires? You 
cast aside my feelings for you, my willingness to help you provide for 
your daughter, whose interests you hold so close.' She raised her voice 
above the wind that buffeted them both. ‘Answer me John; is that not 
what you accuse me of?' 

‘That's enough, Veronica; this island has been besieged by madness, by
violence, since your arrival here.' 

‘Oh, has it, indeed?' Veronica let go of his arm. It was her turn to let
out a dismissive laugh. ‘Are you trying so hard to find cause to refute 
your feelings for me?' 

He was heading for the cottage but she kept pace, her voice relentless
in his ear. ‘Was it my fault I was shipwrecked? Was it my fault that 
Dorothea and Llewellyn shared an inherent madness? That this madness 
coincided with his obsession for me, an obsession I didn't realise 
until too late – or that Mr. Rothman would return pursuing his own 

Veronica fought back her rising emotions. ‘I want to spend my life with
the man who saved it – is that ignorance – is that arrogance, answer 
me!' She reached across, grabbed Gibbings shirt and shook him – answer 
me, damn you, is it?' 

‘I cannot leave this island Veronica, can't you see?' Gibbings' voice
became hoarse. ‘There is nothing for me on the mainland...' 

‘In effect John, you have lost your livelihood here – what else is

‘Perhaps nothing, but I cannot face the mainland, I have been too long
separated from it. I stay.' 

Veronica shivered and hugged her waist. ‘Are you going to shut the door
on me John, or allow me inside? I cannot bear to go back to the castle 
at the moment – not with that wretched man there – I shall wait until 
he has left.' 

Gibbings turned, his hand gripping the knob. ‘And yet only recently you
were so reluctant to leave it that you sent that “wretched man” to 
deliver your farewell message.' 

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