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You Wore Your Wealth (standard:humor, 580 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 20 2011Views/Reads: 1437/875Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Wore your wealth all the time like King Henry VIII but don't do what he did to his spouses.

You Wore Your Wealth 

Subba Rao 

King Henry VIII wore clothes with jewels set in embroidery, he 

made for himself. He wore his wealth all the time. King Henry VIII was 

no fool; he was singer, poet and a sports man. He started his own 

church that became the Church of England with ‘Archbishop of 

Canterbury' as head of Anglican Church to place Pope of Catholic Church 

in his place. Henry VIII was not alone to wear wealth; all other kings 

and queens wore their wealth. Wearing diamond studded jewelry was 

common so as rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones. Kings and 

queens, Popes and other leaders of religious order wore wealth on them. 

As depicted in scriptures, Hindu Gods wore glittering jewelry 

with crowns studded with diamonds and seated on throne made up of 

silver and gold. Deities in many Hindu temples were adorned with gold 

jewelry and precious stones. The idol of Lord Venketeswara or Balaji in 

Southern India is ornamented everyday with a different set of jewelry 

valued in millions worth. The amount gold jewelry received as a 

donation from devotees per day at this rich temple amounts to several 

kilos. The devotees want their beloved God to wear wealth. The amount 

of gold accumulated at the temple storage was so much; plans were 

underway to cover the entire temple, walls and everything with gold 

plate as it was done at the Golden Temple of Amritsar in India. 

Like Catholic priests, the Hindu priests at the temple wear 

simple garments.  But, the Christian evangelists wear wealth on them; 

expensive clothes and flashy jewelry. The Hindu preachers or Babas as 

they were called prefer to wear simple white or orange color clothes 

but live lavishly and prefer to sit on throne look alike seats made up 

of silver and gold. They shall wear their wealth like Christian 

evangelists; nothing sinister about it. The devotees of these Babas 

shall carry placards with display “We Want You to Wear Your Wealth.” 

The imams and ayatollahs, Hindu priests and Buddhist Monks shall wear 

their wealth like evangelists. No shame in that. Why appear simple and 

yet live lavish life. Doesn't make sense at all. 

The Rajahs' (Kings) of India wore their wealth like their 

counterparts in other countries. When country became independent with 

parliamentary democracy, the rulers (politicians) for some reason 

decided to appear humble wearing only white cotton garments, more like 

prisoners' uniform or people in perpetual mourning or perhaps to level 

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