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Birds' Eye View (standard:non fiction, 736 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 25 2011Views/Reads: 1569/847Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Birds's eye view of People with birds' brain

Birds' Eye View 

Subba Rao 

A Muslim engineer designed the earthen dam over 4 centuries ago on one
of the tributary of the river “Musi' to artificially create a 

10 square mile lake in the center of City of Hyderabad in Southern 

India. The Dam now called ‘Tank Bund' became one of the best 

recreational areas to the city dwellers. On one side of the Tank Bund 

was the lake and the other side has scenic parks with small streams. 

At the center of the lake, a 60-foot monolithic white granite Buddha 

statue was erected in early 1990's as a tourist attraction. The Tank 

Bund is also one of the busiest streets in Hyderabad, the Capital City 

for Andhra Pradesh, one of the largest Southern Indian States. 

Hyderabad is also the capital for call centers and the sole source for 

out sourcing. 

The lake and gardens around Tank Bund area attracts many birds; 

Larks, Finch, Kingfisher, Nightingale, Thrush, Lapwings and many 

others, some were migratory. From birds' eye view, things have changed 

over the years; the human population has exploded in the area. The 

earthen dam was not just a dam to retain water in the lake but one of 

the busiest thoroughfares that joins two large cities; Secunderabad and 

Hyderabad. The traffic on the Tank Bund reached such a proportion, the 

auto emissions polluted the entire scenic area best known for the 

greenery and fresh air not long time ago. 

A stroll on the Tank Bund now not a relaxing pastime any more 

but a painful chore to swim through human and auto traffic. 

Large areas set-aside for pedestrian walk ways on the Tank Bund 

on both sides of the road were now occupied by the food vendors and 

several statues representing important public figures from various 

walks of life mostly cultural erected in 1980's to remind people of 

their contribution to the society. The statues provide photo 

opportunities for tourists interested in the cultural history of the 

State, but also provide short term shelter to the birds to rest. 

Yellow Throated Bulbul is one of the bird species that take 

temporary shelter on the statues. On one day in March of 2011, several 

Yellow Throated Bulbuls were flying high around the Tank Bund area 

thinking on which statue to rest for a short break from finding worms. 

A pair of Bulbuls resting on the statue of a personality known for his 

work on restoring the rights of young widows noticed a large crowd 

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