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The Twins (standard:drama, 623 words)
Author: MeagonneAdded: May 02 2011Views/Reads: 2875/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Judy and Sam were having twins, but things went wrong.


Word count 638 

Judy loved to party with her friends. There were usually three of them.
If she had a problem she could always depend on them to help her 
through. Eventually Sam came into her life. As time passed Judy and Sam 
started to care a lot for each other. So now there was five friends to 

One evening while drinking Judy became very ill. When she didn't feel
any better she made a Doctor's appointment. Judy was not ready for the 
news the Doctor told her. He told Judy she was pregnant. When the 
Doctor told Judy all her partying would have to stop. At that moment 
she wanted to cry. 

When Judy returned home the one thing she wanted more than anything was
a drink. She asked Sam do you think a couple of drinks would hurt. When 
Sam said he didn't think so that was all Judy needed so they went back 
to their old ways partying every night. 

Judy and Sam had talked about abortion a couple of times, but they would
procrastinate until it was too late for an abortion to be done. Judy 
didn't go for prenatal care at all. It may have been she didn't want 
the doctors to know about her partying with her friends. If was as if 
this baby in her body didn't exist. 

There were no preparations made, no room fixed up with tiny baby things.
Her family gave her a baby shower and she received many nice gifts but 
the gifts were not taken out of the car for weeks, because Judy was too 
busy with Sam and her friends. 

Judy became so big while carrying her baby. Some people even remarked
she look as if she might be carrying twins. Sam's side of the family 
did have twins on his mom's side there had been four sets born. Sam's 
mom had come from a very large catholic family from Newfoundland. 

Finally on her due date Judy started getting labor pains. She was rushed
to the hospital and of course she had her friends with her. As the 
Doctor's examined Judy for the first time they discovered she was in 
deed carrying 

Twins. While they were going over Judy's body they only heard one
heartbeat. The Doctors then sensed something was wrong so Judy was sent 
for a caesarean section. When the Doctors took the two babies out he 
noticed they were fraternal twin boys. One of the babies had been dead 
for two weeks prior to the delivery date. This twin had the umbilical 
cord wrapped around his neck. The doctor told Judy this sometimes 
happens with twins. The boys weighed four and five pounds, so they were 
not really that much underweight. The little boy who died they named 

The next little boy seemed to be having problems he seemed to be in a
lot of stress and was found to be having multiple mini strokes. The 
Doctors would give him medication to calm him. This little boy would be 
named Daniel. The Doctors had Daniel rushed to a children's Hospital 
many miles away, with many wires attached to his small body to 
monitored him until they arrived at the hospital 

After arriving at the children's hospital tests were run everything that
could be done was done after the doctors were finished after two weeks 
they came to the conclusion that little Daniel would never be 
functional The twins were separated forever. As for Judy and Sam 
through all of this no one knew where they were probably partying with 
their friend's .Max died and Daniel had all those problems because of 
what Judy decided to put in her body. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. 


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