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Mango Can Make You Rich (standard:non fiction, 1106 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: May 03 2011Views/Reads: 2345/937Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of Mango fruit known to be liked from hudreds of years B.C.,

Mango Can Make You Rich 

Subba Rao 

Mango is divine for Indians everywhere in the world. The 

history of Mango goes back to thousands of years according to Hindu 

mythology.  Lord Vigneswara or in short Ganesh, known for  his love for 

food always carry a fully ripe Mango fruit in his hand, a symbol of 

earth's abundance and prosperity.  Mango leaves are used to decorate 

idols and used in Hindu rituals. Garlands made with Mango leaves are 

used to decorate door and entry ways in many homes particularly on 

festival days. From Lord Ganesh to present day Indian, Mango remains 

the favorite fruit of all time, from green to fully ripe in any shape, 

color, texture, size or taste; Indians go crazy for Mango.   Mango 

trees may not live thousands of years like Redwood trees of California, 

but some live up to 300 years still producing fruit. 

Charcoal made from Mango trees are known to burn with high 

intensity heat without generating unnecessary smoke, this not to 

encourage burning Mango trees to make coal. 

Indians are capable of making a tasty curry out of anything 

that grows from the ground that is edible (sometimes inedible too, 

that's a different story for the future). Green Mango with its sour 

taste serves as a base for various chutneys and pickles of all kinds 

and when cooked as a vegetable with various pulses (small legumes) its 

sour taste raises taste buds to new tantalizing levels. Indian 

immigrants travelled to various parts of the globe over the last 

century carried their favorite fruit Mango, spreading its roots or say 

its fruits all over the world where an appropriate climate allows its 

growth. At one of the Mango growing regions in South India, during the 

peak Mango season to handle the glut of Mango fruit, the juicy pulp is 

sun dried in layers to form a thick layered slab in a way no other 

fruit in the world is preserved in its natural flavor. Small pieces 

of ‘Mango Slab' are sold as fruit snack. While eating a piece of Mango 

Slab, each layer of dried mango pulp separates and dissolves in the 

mouth with all its flavor and sweetness. Now that's a real fruit snack 

to bite on. 

Over 1000 varieties of Mango are in cultivation where climate 

is favorable for its growth. Agricultural researchers all over the 

world are working to grow Mango to make it more resistant to diseases 

and pests and respond to various growth conditions with bountiful of 

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