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Living The Dream (standard:romance, 214 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: May 07 2011Views/Reads: 1875/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Dream of meeting someone new, the excitment and fears.

The ease of our new friendship formulates a wonderment and curiosity of
the heart.  A temptation of something your not sure of, yet you know 
its some kind of attraction with an authority that deservers the time 
for exploration. 

Yes your being pampered and it is something that is very appealing to
your amazement. Almost to the point that your feeling a touch of guilt, 
yet with out reason. Can someone really expose them self with out 
apprehension that the other would take advantage? Even more can you 
allow your heart to open with out anxiety of the past?  Exposing 
yourself to an unknown pleasure that you have desired, yet now could be 
a startled flash mixed with a aspiration to discover. 

A desire is a amusing emotion, something you have longed for and dreamed
about. Knowing just how you want the atmosphere to relate to your 
vision. When this visualization becomes a reality, a instance of 
mystification plummets throughout your mind. 

When experiencing a dream one must sometimes remember to close your eyes
and allow the dream to develop into  the delight of your fantasy. So 
when you are up front with your desires and dreams and you  allow your 
heart to experience the moment with out fear, you are living the dream.


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